2014 New Artist of the Year - maloandthewhale

While it doesn’t glow in the dark, the shirt’s design makes it appear as if it is glowing softly in the light. I love this shirt!

maloandthewhale - I don’t know how I’ve missed so much of your work, it’s beautiful. Congrats on a well deserved win!

Shipping is supposed to be free. Why does the checkout process include five dollar shipping?

We’re testing breaking out shipping from the tees so you save $$ with the more you buy.

Dear Malo,
Is this a fox or a wolf?
Silly question, I know

My best guess is a fox, but hopefully malo will pop in and confirm for us.

Moon design is awesome! Please please please include it the next time you do wall prints!

Why this bundle sale is not visible on the T-list awards sale ? Almost miss it

I am also confused about that, I’m checking in to get it linked better.

Great designs, i just bought 7.