2014 RPM Magical History Tour thread

[quote=“rpm, post:, topic:”]Question: is there any interest in 2014 tours? beginner? advanced (but not cabernet)?

We’ve done four now (3 beginning, 1 advanced). The community and the entire feel of woot is not the same as it was when the first tour just sort of happened in 2008.

Every tour has gotten rave reviews, every one a little different (though 2008 and 2012 beginner were pretty similar). 2010 turned into a semi-advanced Pinot Noir and Chardonnay exercise. And, the 2012 advanced tour was an impossible to duplicate Cabernet seminar.

Is it time to open a Tour thread? The thread for the 2012 Tours started in the summer of 2011 and there was constant interest. I haven’t gotten any pings so far this year.

Is it time to say ‘enough’?

Should we wait until 2016 (since we’ve done them every other year)?

What saith the community?[/quote]

Edit: Updated as of 09:15 am PDT on 07/24/14


*** Note that the bus is now full, but that 5+ spots are open, first come first served for those that confirm interest before Monday. But ALL 5 need to deposit within 48 hours. Contact RJ or Woop for details. *** see post for further information.

Tour will be from 8/4 - 8/6 (Mon - Wed), with a Meet & Greet on Sunday evening (8/3).

Tour set back to 31 attendees – 6/20

Updated from 30 to 42 attendees on 5/30.

Budget info on Costs for tour

Hotel Info

Deposit info post

General Update - 6/11/14

The meet-n-greet is set for a 18:30 (6:30) PM start time at the SVI Krug Event Center.

Reminder of Pertinent Information for Touristas:

Tasting Wine - The RPM Method – (Invalid link, RPMWINETOUR.com no longer exists) Trying to find post.

Tasting Form (De Long’s)

A Cat Died in My Mouth! (or) How To Develop The Professional Palate YOU Want!

WINE TASTING for Newbies @ wine.woot (added 8/31/2012)

RPM’s Highly Idiosyncratic Annotated Wine Bibliography (added 11/27/2012)

(Note that 2 of the 3 books in the Tasting and Appreciation (mostly formal tasting) section (Amerine/Roessler and Peynaud) were the books brought by RPM the first night (Newbie Tour 2012?)

2012 Dress Code (still good)

Tentative Map of RPM Tour locations

RPM Tour List

2 rjquillin
3 bahwm
4 ddeuddeg
5 chemvictim
6 chemvictim +1
7 MarkDaSpark
8 wkpanda
9 Cesare
10 kttest
11 merbill
12 merbill +1
13 chipgreen
14 chipgreen +1
15 justplainjulie
16 justplainjulie +1
17 kkv123
18 cjsiege (kkv123’s +1)
19 Joatmon
20 Joatmon +1 (sis)
21 jmdavidson
22 jmdavidson +1
23 Zephyress
24 Zephyress +1
25 hershelk
26 time2testit
27 redhead11 (time2testit’s SWMBO)
28 zTimothyBz
29 txmusicman49
30 txmusicman49 +1
31 aces219
32 aces219 +1
33 klezman
34 molarchae
35 ThunderThighs!!!

Wait List

54 Lurkey
55 Lurkey +1

20 cortot20
30 Mother
26 redwinefan
27 redwinefan +1
42 bolligra
43 bolligra +1
5 rjquillin +1
42 hershelk +1
32 zmanonice
33 zmanonice +1
36 Joatmon +2 (really his SWMBO at 35)
9 North316
10 North316 +1
26 Ublink
27 Ublink +1
47 joelsisk
48 michelleshari
1 polarbear22
25 darlenee1
26 darlenee1 +1
1 otolith
2 otolith +1
43 loreelu
44 loreelu +1
16 jhkey
17 jhkey +1
45 Itwdswafo
46 Itwdswafo +1
47 Itwdswafo +2
48 Itwdswafo +3
49 Itwdswafo +4
50 MarkDaSpark +1
51 MarkDaSpark +2
22 bsevern
40 klezman +2
52 sdilullo
53 sdilullo +1
56 losthighwayz
57 losthighwayz +1
32 kittymac
30 sukeiasa
31 sukeiasa +1
41 tcklord
42 tcklord +1
43 tcklord +2
44 tcklord +3
Woopdeedoo +1
RPM +1

Note that italics means confirmed. Bold will mean Deposit received. Underline means that they have indicated they are checking, but it doesn’t look good to attend.

Deposit info post

[Moved} Old info from beginning of thread.

The choices (Bold are updates) are as follows:

  1. 2014 - 1 tour combined (RPM Newbie and RPM Veteran) It will be one group of 30, probably Aug. 4 to 6)

ignore2) 2014 - 2 tours (RPM Newbie / RPM Veteran) Wed-Fri and Mon-Wed ignore

  1. Wait until 2015 due to various reasons

  2. Wait until 2016 due to various reasons

Answer with your 1st and 2nd choices, ignore = stating which group you would be in (RPM Newbie if you’ve never been on an RPM Tour before).end ignore Also if there’s a specific region or varietal you would like to focus on.

Like …

I would prefer Choice #1 as my top pick, with #3 as my second pick.

I wouldn’t mind if we focused on Zinfandel or on the Sonoma area (skipping Napa this trip).

Note that if enough people want both tours, (and RPM is up for both!) that there will be at least a weekend in between the two.

Prefer after 2014 (so a vote for 3 or 4): vaaccess, cheron98 & HitAnyKey, Mommadeb1 (2nd choice), cmaldoon (1st choice), klezman & molarchae (depends on schedule), merbill (+1) with a maybe for 2014, joelsisk and michelleshari (2nd choice), loreelu (+1) with potential maybe for #1, Jawlz (new house - so 3 or 4), CAGrl (Aug bad)

Yes (Combined): ddeuddeg & bahwm, MarkDaSpark (+2, if enough open spots when time comes), Polarbear22, rjquillen +1, Otolith +1, ChemVictim +1, klezman & molarchae (M possibly out due to schedule) +1, chipgreen +1, jhkey +1, Justplainjulie +1, wkdpanda, redwinefan +1, kkv123 +1, bsevern, cmaldoon +1, UBlink +1, North316 +1, Mother, darlenee1, zmanonice +1, joelsisk and michelleshari, chemvictim +1, joatmon +2, zephyress, bolligra, hershelk +1, sukeiasa +1, time2testit +2, zTimothyBz, txmusicman49 +1, jmdavidson +1, kittymac, Aces219 +1, tcklord +3, Itwdswafo +4

Maybe for Combined: merbill +1, loreelu (+1), Cortot20

Out due to date: tiger7610, jawlz +1,

Varietal: Otolith (Cab, RRV PN), MdS (Zin), Klez (Cab or rare varietals), Mommadeb1 (Zin), redwinefan (PN, Syrah), CAgrl & Mommadeb1 (not PN or Chard), Chem (no Cab), bolligra (Syrah or Zin), time2testit (reds), zTimBz (Pinot or Zin)

Region: MdS (Sonoma), redwinefan (Sonoma Coast AVA), Otolith (RRV, Stag’s Leap, Howell Mtn, Famous Districts of Napa/Sonoma), bolligra (Sonoma)

Looks to be 70 plus 4 additional Maybes for a combined tour on the list. Updated from 30 to 42 attendees on 5/30.

New game – Wine Survivor!

For those unfamiliar with the RPM Tours, here’s a One Stop thread linking to all the previous RPM Tours.

I’m definitely interested, as is molarchae. She may be unavailable in July 2014, however, so if it’s a possibility June would work better :slight_smile: (Obviously there are dozens of constraints from rpm/woop/WD’s time to winemakers’ schedules.)

We’d go for the advanced Tour or a combined newbie/advanced if there was some interesting way to provide a little extra/different learning opportunities for the advanced folks.

I’d love to try Cabernet again (since we missed most of the 2012 Tour) but a “rare(r) varietal” theme would also be interesting.

Interested +1.

First choice is option 1, mainly because I would fall in the Newbie category and most people that I interact with on here would fall in the veteran category.

RPM explains here why it’s in July. So probably not going to be in June. :frowning:

We are in. #1 or #2

2, 1, 3, 4
I’d likely do the newbie with SWMBO, and hang for the weekend for phase 2.
Despite some redundancy and overlap in 2012, the re-visits provided additional worthwhile insights.

Very interested, +1. Due to kid logistics (oldest daughter entering college next fall), 2015 is likely a better option for us. I’m a vet, but +1’s a newbie, so any tour would work for us.

How about an Italian varietal/heritage focus?

Would love to go on any of the years mentioned and I can afford the initial tour cost but it’s the winery by winery bottle purchases that are somewhat expected that scare me off. It’s easy going out with my wife or close friends because I have no expectation to purchase anything but this tour is different in that wineries roll out the red carpet (which is very cool) and the tour expects wallets to come out later. Maybe it’s just me. From seasoned RPMers what was the total amount spent in addition to the price of admission. I’m trying to get a feel for this before commiting.

Not coming from experience, just from reading comment prior to and following the last tour, I think this varies widely. My take is that those who have generally overspent/overbought on WW, also did so on the tour, but there were a number of people who were much more conservative (0-3 bottles per winery). I think (I could be wrong), that the conservative consensus was to estimate $400-600 for wine purchases over the 3 days. Some people go well over that (we know who they are) and I’m sure people go under that. If/when I go, that’s the range I will shoot for simply due to budgetary restraints. If I like the wine and they are offering good deals, I may buy more, if not, I may buy less.

It truly is all subjective. RPM says that if you can, you should try to buy at least one bottle at each winery. And there are often many people who go way beyond that (if you’re on a tour with Sparky, rjq, or timbyrd then they’ll offset anything you don’t buy :tongue:) so it’s not a huge deal if your finances can’t afford spending large amounts.

But as an example, when I was on the 2010 tour I was really tight for expenses and sadly had to limit my purchases big time. Ended up only spending ~$430 at 5 of the wineries. I don’t remember how many we visited that year.
2012 is a bit more difficult to quantify since at the beginning cheron98 was paying for some of her own wines and then at some point we were putting everything on my CC, but just by going off of those charges I see ~$1680 at 10 wineries. I’m pretty sure there were a few cash purchases too, maybe. But that’s the general idea.

But yeah, I would say to expect to spend at least $500 on wine. It took a lot of restraint that first year to keep myself under $500.

Any tasting fees are rolled up into the general RPM Tour fees (Buses, lunches, group dinners, RPM costs, etc.).

It’s not so much that you are expected to buy, so much more that we are offered such great deals (some wineries have a minimum 3 bottle purchase to get discount, others offer Wine Club discounts since we are Wooters). Some even gave better than WC discounts.

On the Vet Cab tour, we were offered some spectacular wines (at spectacular prices) for the most part. There were one or two places that were over-priced dreck.

I think I was one of the few Vets (if not the only one) to make a purchase at one winery/tasting room, while the Newbies made quite a few purchases at the same winery/tasting room.

It’s also costly when you like them so much, you join their wine club!!

Budget? What is this budget you speak of?? :wink:

You made me go back and review my purchases made during the tour (not the ones after!). Holy moley!!

Part of the problem is that at least two of the wineries (Dry Creek & Harrison) had deals on older Cab vintages or verticals that were almost impossible to ignore.

IIRC, we went to 4 or 5 wineries a day. So around a total of 13 wineries for the Vets. I think I bought at 11 of them, although only 1 small bottle (500ml) at one of those. And skipped one because I’m in the wine club there, so didn’t need any more.

And was way north of your estimate for $$$.

The other budget issue is if you stick around for a day or two (before or after) the tour and visit other wineries.

I would also recommend not trying to fly out the last day of the tour, since that’s usually a great dinner you might miss out on.

First part was covered in my post.

If this does happen, I would probably roll it into at least a 7-10 trip, as it will be my first time on the left-coast.

Good points. Although I think zTimBz’s purchases at Corison paid for our visits there for the next 4 to 6 years!!! :wink:

Cortot, remember that HaK’s total included both of their purchases. Especially at Pine Ridge, where I seem to remember Cat loved their white blend and got at least a case.

What first part? :wink:

Weekdays are usually less busy for the wineries, so you don’t have the traffic on the roads. Hwy 29 gets overloaded by the afternoon, but the Silverado Trail usually is mostly clear.

So your 7 to 10 day visit should work well. Just make sure you call the wineries ahead, since some aren’t always open to drop-ins.

1,2,3,4 in that order for me and my +1

The 2012 rpm tour was an incredible experience and we can’t wait to do it again!

As for wine purchases, my +1 only bought 3-4 bottles and we ended up with exactly 3 cases altogether which was less than most. I think we spent a little over $1,000 on wine. Pretty sure we got at least 1 bottle from each of the 14 wineries we visited.

I’m interested in either option 1 or 2. I’m a veteran and +1 is a newbie.

Definitely agree with Mark, that the dinner is not to be missed!

You do know there are things on the left coast other than wine, right?

Edit: Especially in July, the middle of baseball season!

Interested…I am still upset I didn’t go last time!!!
Newbie tour…
I am thinking 2015 might be better for me… have a TON of stuff going on this summer…

wines… Zins