2014 RPM Magical History Tour thread

Interested +1, either option #1 or #2

I know…I tried to make that apparent with the caveats. Even if molarchae can’t come in July I may still make the trip. We’ll see.

Hmmm… Thinking… July you say? Like when in July? Timing could be tricky but it really sounds like fun.

Me and my +1 would definitely be interested. While I would consider myself a veteran, my +1 is an aspiring newbie.

So, #1 and #2 - #3 if we really have to - it would let me do other travel this year.

2010 was great, and Veteran 2012 tour was amazing. The Cabs on the veteran went from ‘meh’ at one place I was excited to go to, to surprisingly amazing at Dry Creek. And don’t get me started on the experience tasting old cabs made in redwood tanks.

Either way - I think it was a real logistical issue running two tours in the same week for RPM and Woopdedoo. But, what ever is actually decided, we (the community) can learn to live with it, right?

Please add me +1

I’d rank my preference as #2 followed by #1

For region suggestions, are we limited to the Napa/Sonoma region? If so, I’d suggest Pinot Noir in the Sonoma Coast AVA. Syrah could be interesting in the same region.

2 than 1, although 3 or 4 would be fine, as we’d just try to head out there with some friends, as I’m sure we could find our way around. :slight_smile:

What about RRV Pinot Noir one day, Stag’s Leap District the next, then Howell Mountain another day, or hitting various famous districts of Napa and Sonoma?

The RPM Tour was one of the highlights of my year, and credited as a significant factor in recovery from illness. Please add me to the list of interested participants, in whatever form the Tour takes, and add a +1. I wouldn’t miss it for the world!

Preferences: 2, 1, 3, 4

Definitely would be in the combined or veteran tour (hubby’s a newbie and not a wine drinker so not sure how that would work).

As to dates, either 2014 or 2015 work. Both have some bad timing issues involved so the earlier we can get it set in stone, the better.

Varietals, not a fan of pinot or chardonnay. Beyond those 2, I’d be interested in exploring more.

Let’s be honest here - A) Not all the wineries rolled out the red carpet, and B) You pay for all tasting fees, lunches, etc., there’s no free lunch here. Heck you even get to pay for the “tour guides” room and board, airfare, etc., so definitely no free lunch whatsoever.

Is it worth it? I felt for the most part yes, but only you can answer that. The Scott Harvey Dinner party was outstanding, lunch with Cathy Corison was great, Wine David’s BBQ was outstanding, but there were average tastings (and below average tastings) and Iron Horse was a mess, as we were so rushed, nobody was able to buy, or really enjoy the tasting.

Living in the bay area, we’ve been able to arrange some of our own great “red carpet” events with many of the Sonoma/Napa wineries, and for the most part we didn’t pay anything for the tastings, or guides, and of course if we like the wine, we buy.

At least on the rookie tour it was “suggested” that we buy at each winery, but considering you paid for the tastings (an average of around $60 per winery). There’s zero obligation to purchase if you thought the winery sucked.

I would be interested in (listed in order of choice):

  1. 2014 - 2 tours (RPM Newbie / RPM Veteran) Wed-Fri and Mon-Wed

  2. 2014 - 1 tour combined (RPM Newbie and RPM Veteran)

3, 2, 1, 4

Have a wedding next year so am iffy for attendance but I thoroughly enjoyed the 2012 and would certainly make the effort to make a 2014 work if possible.

Not sure how you get $60/winery tasting fees. That sounds more like the per winery total cost for the trip. That included tasting fees, the bus, bus driver, rpm and woop’s rooms at the hotel, a couple lunches and dinners. I also seem to recall somebody saying that the actual tasting fees were comped at several of the wineries. But let’s be honest here, the cost isn’t just about tasting fees. It’s the whole experience. Of course, ymmv whether that’s a good value, but don’t think for a minute it’s just tasting fees.

I didn’t even think about Mr. Mommadeb…
eww… no chards or Pinot please…

This just tells me you haven’t had a good chard or Pinot yet. :slight_smile:

Neither woopdedoo nor I make a penny on these Tours: we probably put around 100 hours each into planning and organizing and preparing for the tours, and we take our time (I’m self-employed) to do the Tours. I’ve been happy to do that, and to donate my time to share my knowledge and help wooters learn more about wine in a hopefully convivial and engaging setting. What I’m not prepared to do is go out-of-pocket for the privilege.

I agree, and yes that’s exactly what I meant, total combined cost per winery (inclusive of all expenses).

I certainly wasn’t implying that you were making a profit, merely pointing out that the winery tours/tastings are (as far as we know) not free, hence the obligation to purchase wine is up to the individual.

We greatly appreciate your tours, and I’m sure everyone understands that part of the tour expense is your travel expenses, the tour bus, tasting fees, lunches/hosted dinners, etc.

Having missed out on previous tours for various reasons (i.e. didn’t know about the first tours, and schedule didn’t work out for 2012), my +1 and I are interested. Any of the four options would be good, with, I suppose, 1, 2, 3, 4 being the order of interest (though with very little difference in interest levels among the 4 options; that is to say any of the four would be desirable).

Being newbies to the tour, we are happy to leave any potential tour’s focus (region, varietal, etc) to the organizers and/or veterans.

$550/13 wineries = $42.30 per winery which included all tastings and tours, 3 lunches, 3 dinners and 3 days of a tour bus with driver. I thought it was a pretty sweet deal.

Same, and I’ll be happy with whatever format/formats Rob feels up to.