2014 RPM/WW Magical History Tour Field Notes

The ‘interest’ time had ended.
Time for an “Official” tour thread.

Great. Now we’ll have a third thread when we actually start! As in Field Notes! :tongue:

**~~~ Itinerary ~~~ **

DAY #0 Sun 2014-08-03

18:30 ~ ??:?? **SVI Krug Event Center **Meet & Greet, Light snacks, RATTAGE! Bring your notebooks and implements of inscription!

DAY #1 Upper Sonoma Mon 2014-08-04

08:00 **SVI ** Board the Bus
08:20 EPI Board the Bus
09:30 Foppiano
11:30 Pedroncelli ~ lunch
14:00 Dry Creek Vineyard
16:45 Iron Horse ~ supper
20:15 EPI Exit the Bus (with your purchases)
20:30 SVI Exit the Bus (with your purchases)

DAY #2 Napa Tue 2014-08-05

08:00 SVI Board the Bus
08:20 EPI Board the Bus
09:30 St. Supery
11:30 Corison ~ lunch
13:45 Beringer
15:40 Bell Wine Cellars
18:00 SVI Exit the Bus (with your purchases)
18:15 **EPI **Exit the Bus (with your purchases)
18:30 SVI Board the Bus
18:40 EPI Board the Bus
19:00 Suite-D ~ supper - winemakers - NO corkage fee!
22:00~23:00 Van to hotels

DAY #3 Sonoma Wed 2014-08-06

07:10 **SVI ** Board the Bus
07:30 EPI Board the Bus
08:00 Wellington
11:00 VJB ~ lunch
13:10 Chateau St. Jean
15:20 Roche
17:30~23:00 Swiss Hotel ~ Farewell Supper - winemakers - NO corkage fee! (walk from Roche)

[edit] TOUR MAP

Is there some unknown compelling reason they wouldn’t just go here?

Yes, tradition!!! Or you could just change the title here to Field Notes. You know, to match the other Tours?? :wink:

Field Notes from the RPM Wine Tour-ists, aka the random babblings of the 1st group whilst on the inaugural Tour.

Field Notes from the 2010 RPM Wine Tour-ists, aka the random babblings of the 2nd group whilst on the Sequel Tour.

Granted, we did forget to make them separate last time … But then the interest thread was the Official thread. :tongue:

Two lunches in Napa on Tuesday?

Agreed, on Saturday/Sunday.

CnP error corrected.

And I’ll remove the “Interest” from the other then as well.


We have a last second open seat! **

PM or post ASAP if interested.

[edit] Guaranteed a partial, but there may even be a full subsidy. We don’t want an empty seat.

I remember when jwhite was writing so many of his notes on his phone with his stylus & we were all ooooing & ahhhing about that! And now, we can all do that on our phones, iPads & tablets! My, how times have changed! :wink:

I was BlackBerrying!

I just mapped out all the tour days…getting super excited!

The TOUR MAP has been updated with the latest information.

Wineries are listed in order we’ll be visiting, followed by hotels and eateries.

Just picked something nice for the the farewell dinner. Looking forward to seeing everybody on Sunday!

[cross posting of the…]


“Where’s the fire?”, “Slow and steady wins the race”, “It’s not as though Germany is going anywhere”

Oh yeah…and those at the EPI, remember there’s a pool! Post-dinner hot-tubbing/swimming pooling! Bring a bathing suit and some beverages!

SVI also has them! Dang it, knew I forgot something! The Govino glasses!

Urg! I forgot our Govinos, too. Will we be getting them at the M&G?

Sadly, probably not, but you never know. It is Wine David after all, and you know how he stores things forever! :wink:

No need; SVI is providing stemware. Granted, Govinos likely better than hotel-ware we’ll get…