2014: The Year Of Skinprovement

“Included goggles should be worn at all times while using the the light”

Tsk tsk lady in the RedMD photo. Tsk tsk.

Do as I say, not as I do. :tongue:

How does the DermaCleanse match up against the Clarisonic?

MicroRollerMD is a roller w/ a ton of micro-needles for your face?! Beauty is terrifying!

DermaCleanseMD is a great alternative to other skincare brushes, since you can change the batteries out yourself. Other units that have fixed batteries are basically not usable after those batteries die, and cannot be recharged.

The DermaCleanseMD uses a rotating brush head and has a variety of different attachments to treat many areas of the body, not just the face!

The microdermabrasion machine ROCKS! I have gone for 100’s of professional microdermabrasion treatments and this machine rivals them all. And my friends have told me how much better my skin looks.

As is the alternative. Oh the irony… I mean…beauty is skin deep, mhm yep.

I totally agree!! I have had professional microdermabrasion too and recently bought one of these MicrodermMD and it’s awesome!! Just as professional machines, this one has a diamond exfoliating tip that never needs to be replaced! Suction and everything feels just as when I used to pay to have it done. You’ll be amazed at the transformation of your skin!! :slight_smile:

Agreed. I LOVE mine!

The microdermabrasion machine is incredible! I mine the last time it was on woot and can attest that my skin is in much better shape since using it. I actually had some pretty tough areas of skin that moisturizers could get to because the skin was so rough- my elbow, backs of my ankles… Etc. After using this to sort of scrub off the rough patches, the moisturizers can get in there and do their job. Best purchase for my skin I have made all year!

MicroRollerMD description says titanium needles, while the actual box it comes in says surgical stainless steel.

These things are like razors, they get less effective with use due to metal dulling.

Is Stainless or titanium longer lasting? As in harder, and able to hold a point longer?

Sorry for the late reply… we were waiting to hear from the vendor.

It did indeed come with Surgical Steel Needles. Our info was incorrect there. However, the surgical stainless steel needles will not dull until they are used for at least a year or more, which is the expected life of the product.

Hope that helps.