2014's HP Chromebooks

Beware. Mine just died less than 6 months after purchase, and that was after already sending it back for a sound issue. We’ll see what they say about replacement out of its measly 3 month warranty.

Is it just a 90-day warranty? I can’t find anything that specifically states it, although I’m sure I’m just not seeing it.

We list the warranty at the end of the features. These are factory reconditioned with a 90-day HP warranty.

Beware, bought one in last woot off and having intermittent keyboard issues and other issues with it. Also have yet to hear back from hp regarding warranty (said was expired but had to send proof of purchase) filled out a week ago. What a nightmare. just spend the money for a new one, its not worth the headache and waiting (took over two weeks to come)

I bought one here a few months ago for my mom and so far so good. Was pretty much brand new, probably a return from someone who didn’t know what a Chromebook was.

This was the 2013 (?) mobile data model that came with lifetime free Tmobile 4G service.

Brand new ones at Walmart for $199.

[MOD: That’s the 11" screen. We’re selling the 14" which is $299 at Walmart.]

What he said - I’m typing on one and it’s replaced my “big” laptop for travel and reading (and many other things). If the quality’s bad, don’t bother but when they’re good they’re annoyingly useful - one of those devices that you find yourself using constantly. There are a ton of free apps to do a modest job of nearly everything from pseudo-Photoshop and documents, to Netflix etc. - I use the HDMI to stream videos sometimes.

The free T-Mobile (enough for about a day’s use per month, but you can purchase extra) has been very handy both for shooting wars with the evil Comcast, who manages to screw up our cable every so often, and on the road where hotels are trying to charge a ton for access. Also, about as close to an “all day” battery as I’ve seen in any computer.

Bought my mother the 2013 model. She loves it. I was so impressed, I got this version - which I am using now. Both were never used and came with all the free storage for a new one.

Great laptop,mine from Woot is part of my morning routine.

Lotsa refurbs of units sent back from dumb people who find they can’t run Windows programs…and apparently can’t read either.

I bought 5 of those chromebooks altogether. There are mostly great. I bought them for my kids for schoolwork and they do absolutly everything the kids need. The school uses chromebooks too.

But - and now WOOT PLEASE LISTEN - I have issues with 2 of them.
1 - is a minor issue: It makes a noise. It sounds like a fan or something. It does become quite annoying !! I contacted HP and woot seperatly stating the proplem. I didn’t even get a response !!!
Now this chormebook works and my 8y old puts up with the noise, because it is pink. But she shouldn’t have to and I should have gotten at least a response. I would like to get this fixed or a discount.

2 - the second issue is big. The chromebook is locked to a company or a school or such. I contacted google support, but they cannot unlock it. They told me to contact the vendor (woot), which I did, several times, again NO RESPONSE AT ALL. That chromebook is a 200$ prop!
Google support could not unlock the computer because it could not determine what company it is connected to. It would not say on the screen. The question here is where did it come from ? Was it stolen ?


Have you registered the unit on the HP site? That may reset it. If not, try contacting HP or the warranty provider if included with the unit.

If that doesn’t work, Please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.

That is the exact support link is have used several times. I never got a reponse back. But I will do so again.

They respond within 24-48 hours. Be sure to check your spam/junk folders. That’s usually the culprit. Feel free to PM me if you don’t hear back again.

To PM me, click on the envelope next to my name in this post. To view your private messages, click on the envelope to the right of the Everything But Woot tab.

ok, I will, thanks so far

I want to specifically get this for use with chromecast. Anyone have any luck using this with a chromecast? It seems like not all chromebooks work with chromecast, which seems a little insane.

There is a big downside to these refurbs (linked to the above issue of being locked to some organization).

You don’t get any of the goodies from Google. No free 100GB of Google storage. No free 10 GoGo inflight wireless passes. No free 90 day trial of Google Music. Between the worse warranty, getting caught in customer support hell because the unit may be locked to some organization that returned it, and lots of stuff you don’t get, the discount for the refurbished model isn’t nearly enough. If you want one, buy new.