2015 Bracketology

Hello, folks! Once again we’ve entered my favorite time of year: March Madness, America’s favorite way of ensuring that 67 of the nation’s best college basketball teams end their season in bitter defeat!

This is our eighth year in a row of playing, and once again we’ll be on the CBS March Mayhem game. If you’ve played with us before, you probably won’t have to do anything besides pick your teams. If you haven’t played with us before, you can join here:
You’ll need our password to join the group: ebw
Even if you already have an account with CBS for a game you play with friends or family, I’d suggest you might want to register another account using your Woot screen name, so that we’ll recognize who you are and you won’t be revealing too much personal information to strangers on the internet. If you don’t follow college basketball, you can still play our game, and you’ll probably do about as well or better than the people who actually do pay attention and care about this. Filling out the brackets is as easy as clicking the team you think will win each game; each subsequent round is automatically set as you make your picks. You can create two brackets if you want to try to make one that seems more realistic and have one fantasy bracket where your 16-seed alma mater becomes an unstoppable force that wins it all, or something like that. Make sure your picks are in before 11 AM EDT on Thursday, March 19. Once the main round of the tournament starts the brackets are locked and it’s too late to join.

There’s no cost to join (unlike the pool you may have at work or something) and there’s also no prize, other than the joy of beating strangers you barely know on the internet at something that is ultimately inconsequential (also, you may be eligible for prizes from CBS Sports, but that is not connected to this actual game). The important thing is to have fun, and engage in some good-natured taunting of everyone else playing.

Here’s a look at how previous years have gone:
2014 (Winner: SkekTek)
2013 (Winner: Brian Morris)
2012 (Winner: Brian Morris)
2011 (Winner: kenney9226)
2010 (Winner: kenney9226)
2009 (Winner: Josh Forsythe)
2008 (Winner: Schrobblehead)
Congratulations Winners!

Yay! Thanks, JQ.

Looking forward to my second year!

Thanks for setting it up!

okay, I am signed up - it keeps saying something about an app. Do I need to down load an app to play the brackets?

You can get an app on your phone, but it’s not necessary.

OK, so I’m seeing “We’ll send you an email on March 15 when the bracket is available.”

Am I in the right place?

Edit: Never mind, I figured it out. Let’s play!

You were just too early; they weren’t released until the evening.

And yes, brackets are live, everyone! Make your picks!

i picked my nose!

Help please! I filled in all the blanks but keep getting a message that I have incomplete brackets. What else do I need to do?

did you pick a champeen? you have to pick winners for every round through the champeenship.

Count me in!

I probably ask this every year. I filled out two brackets. How do I know if they registered? Yes, I clicked “save.”

Well, crap, here’s the other same question I ask every year. My name automatically comes up and I fill out the brackets, but poofguy’s doesn’t come up. He’s listed in players.

i imagine if your full bracket didna register you would get a nastygram message (like pauvre jawsuser above).

when i click on “standings” at the top of the page, it looks like it thinks pooflady 1 and 2 have picked champeenship winnars (as indicated by asterisks in place of the actual skool names), as have (at the time of this post) “barret leblanc,” “bestsportnascar,” “frostbyte,” “hotseventytwo chev” (1 and 2), “jessica alba” (1 and 2), and “lucretius.”

does he have his own computer? i bet he will have to log in to cbs sports on his own account.

Heck no.

Well, somehow I got him on the Woot bracket. But there’s another bracket (for money) that he’s part of (and me) that I got me on but can’t get him on.

go to whatever site for the brakket, logout, login with his account id.

Purdue for the win!

unless they play kentucky

crap, I kind of forgot about doing this. Uh, brb

I’m not sure. PM

And just like that everyone’s bracket is busted. Most of us courtesy UAB’s upset of Iowa State, and the one person who picked UAB to win also picked Northeastern to beat Notre Dame.