2015 Ugly Holiday Sweater

Wow. The holiday version of shiny.

Domestic duck? Goose? Plus, a dessert row.

3 hours into the sale and woot’s already out of ever size of sweatshirt but small and medium?

Aahh, nothing says Home for the Holidays like a jolly game of Duck Duck Goose!

How can it be so adorably cute and so truly ugly at the same time?

::raises a glass to Profhotpants::

Yesterday’s was better. My posse and I will be sporting those for Ugly Holiday Sweater days at work…

It is adequately ugly, but in a tee-shirt or sweatshirt?

C’mon Woot!, where’s the REAL ugly holiday sweaters?

Sweatshirts are all gone but I wouldn’t have bought one anyway cuz of the too bright green and the fact I that I would prefer a long-sleeved tee. The tee is a nice green. Shirt isn’t as cute as the “kitty one” yesterday though. Just sayin’

Sweatshirts are still there, scroll to the bottom of the size wheel.

Super pissed they sold out of the sweatshirt. Who got one, Barbie and her Mom?:rage:

Hi Spiritgreen!

The sweatshirts aren’t sold out. You have to select “Grass” for the color and “Crewneck Sweatshirt” for the Style. Sizes available are based on what’s offered by the vendor. S-XL.

Just not ugly enough, or sweater enough either.