2016 SOTMC 11 Month Subscription

Change the title to match the image :wink:

Also Don’t say it ends January 1 at 12 am

IT ENDS AT 11:59 PM December 31.

I was going to do the 12 month today only to find it sold out.

I guess I will not renew my subscription now, as I was not overly happy with the 2 “exclusive” T-shirts that ended up for sale in under 6 months anyway.

Also not a bargain as I don’t care for the add-on stuff I just want T-shirts period.

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confused - why is it 11 months now? there should be enough lead-up time for 12 months?

It will be from Jan 2016 through Nov 2016; at the end of November, the program will be reassessed to make sure artists and customers are still happy. Then we’ll start over again with the next year’s process.

I just wanted shirts as well. It was ~96 bucks the last time around.

If these are printed to order how can 2XL AA be “sold out”?

Hmm, I’ll check with the team to see what’s up.

Hey. So I’m currently having problems with a duplicate order that was placed by mistake. (your system told me that it wasn’t placed, after I put it in again I got both emails that it was, and it was too late to cancel. Yes, I’m emailing support about it.)

But I REALLY DON’T WANT 2 shirt of the month club subscriptions. Surely there’s some way to cancel one of them?

(and hopefully I’ll get email if someone answers this…)

Weird. I’ll send a note to CS to back up your email to see what they can do.

(You don’t WANT two subscriptions, you NEED two subscriptions.)

I thought the little journal was cute for December, just sayin’ :slight_smile: