2016 SOTMC 3 Month Subscription

How is the normal price that’s already an awful price a deal? :confused:

The only thing cool about this is the randomness and knowing you had to buy a random package to actually get this shirt. I’m all for buying a random shirt, but it shouldn’t be overpriced.

I think it’s supposed to be cheaper ($43-$48)…but it’s not working for me…

price is 54-60 when you actually try to buy it, not 43-48. Fail

Not sure where you guys are getting $43-$48?

I failed to screenshot, but the front page of shirt.woot said $43-48… but the clickthrough was to the regular 3-month subscription page.

ETA: It also said the lower price range in the pop-ups when you mouse over the top of the site, and Wootstalker scraped the lower price. So it seemed to be broadcasting $43-48.

The link went to http://shirt.woot.com/offers/2016-sotmc-3-month-subscription-1, but that redirected to http://shirt.woot.com/offers/2016-sotmc-3-month-subscription. I assume someone was supposed to set up the cheaper price at the new link, but didn’t?

thats what it was saying on the main shirt tab, but when you clicked on it it gave a different price to add to cart

Also there was no “I want one” button

Ok, so there was a 20% off coupon for 19minutes. That accounts for the price difference. So sorry for the confusion.

Where was the coupon? I want to know because I assume this may come up again…

It would’ve been an auto-applied deal during that time frame. I don’t know where/if they “posted” it.

Huh. Next time I will just try to buy it and see what happens!

It was a Wootoff.

Will the early orders still receive a December DoOomcat SOTM before Christmas as the first shirt, as stated when purchased?

I haven’t heard of any changes to that plan.

Excellent! Thanks for the reassurance.

Got a shipped notification… :slight_smile:

On the APP right now at a discounted price! For those interested, that is :slight_smile: