2016 SOTMC 3 Month Subscription

So for $20 a month we’ll get one T-shirt and some stickers? I don’t see why anyone would do this when you could just pay $8-10 for a shirt of your choice…

The blog post has a pretty good overview but basically, they probably think it’s worth it because of the “exclusivity” of it all.

The exclusiveness plays a part; being surprised is another. Beyond the shirt and the little goodies like cards and stickers, the December box included a mini journal and the January box included a 2016 shirt.woot calendar. Additionally, there were coupon codes for $5 off your next shirt.woot order.

The upcoming artists are listed, which mitigates some “risk”. As I like a lot of the artists’ designs – to the extent that I’ve purchased their shirts from other sites like GoodJoe, TeeTurtle, TeeFury, and Threadless – I don’t regret having both the 12 month and a concurrent 3 month subscriptions at all.

I did the 3 month subscription. After my January shirt, I am unlikely to do it again.

The shirt was cats in space or something. I was hoping for something Star Wars related, to be honest. The little mini calendar was unexciting. The $5 off coupon will be used though.

I missed that this shirt was not one offered to general public so my bad. It made me skip one shirt which won a contest that I liked because I hoped it would be that one. But it does mean it is mostly a luck of the draw if the shirt is one I like or not.

I hope they do another journal as my 6 year old would love it.

Tried to use my January coupon code.

“Whoops! That coupon code didn’t work”