2017 Bracketology - Tenth Anniversary!

Hello friends, J̶i̶m̶ ̶N̶a̶n̶t̶z̶ jqubed here, and welcome to our Tenth Annual Everything But Woot Bracketology competition! It’s hard to believe we’ve been playing for this long! Will we do anything special for this year? Probably not! But we will carry on a tradition u̶n̶l̶i̶k̶e̶ ̶a̶n̶y̶ ̶o̶t̶h̶e̶r̶ popular nationwide, but with strangers from the internet instead of people you actually know. There’s no fee to enter and also probably no prizes (you may be eligible for prizes from CBS Sports as part of playing our game). You don’t need to know college basketball at all to participate; in fact, you might do as well or better than people like me who actually put a lot of time into filling out their brackets!

Once again 68 of the nation’s best teams will compete for the championship, with 67 of those teams ending their season in bitter defeat! You won’t have to worry about 4 of those teams, though; they’re playing in totally bogus play-in games and will be eliminated before the real tournament has even begun. Will this be the year Gonzaga finally lives up to the hype? Will Grayson Allen do something outrageous and continue to distract us from how good Luke Kennard is? You decide, and then see what actually happens!

So, how do you play? If you’ve played with us in years past you just need to login at CBSSports.com and click onto our bracket game. If it’s been a few years you might have been purged from the system and need to rejoin.

If you’ve never played before, follow this link to join our pool:
You’ll need to enter our group password to join, which is:
If you need to register for an account with CBSSports.com I strongly recommend for the purposes of this game that you not use your real name; instead, use the screenname we know you by here so we’ll know who we’re playing against. In fact, even if you already have an account with CBSSports.com, you may want to consider creating a second account for our game. As group manager I’ll see your account name as well as your email address. I promise to use those for no purpose other than contacting you for game-related purposes, which will generally be done through the CBSSports.com interface, if at all (keep in mind your participation in the game is subject to the CBS Interactive Terms of Use and Privacy Policy).

Sign up, join the group, and make your picks! Picks must be made by Noon EDT on Thursday, March 16. You can fill out 2 brackets, giving you the option to do one with your best guesses, and one where you follow your heart and imagine your 16-seed alma mater defies the odds and wins the tournament. Whatever you do, have fun! But try to join the honored ranks of our previous winners:

2016: MaggieS (a.k.a. maggie3052)
2015: SkekTek
2014: SkekTek
2013: Brian Morris
2012: Brian Morris
2011: kenney9226
2010: kenney9226
2009: Josh Forsythe
2008: Schrobblehead

Will this be your year? Will maggie3052 follow our running tradition of winning 2 years in a row? There’s only one way to find out; watch this space and join our game!

Thanks so much for posting this. Now to wait and see. :tongue:


I think I filled one out. Hopefully.

I’m in! Wasn’t sure I’d have time to fill in the bracket tonight, but I did.

YAY, sports, go team, run, shoot, make that goal.

many thanks, jqubed. i wonder if we should move to meh to increase participation.

Not adamant, but would prefer not. Wouldn’t mind Meh in addition to, but if we move everything there’s going to be maybe hundreds. I kind of like people we know.

I wish there was a way (maybe there is) of removing names that haven’t played in, say, three years.

Thanks Jqubed. Sure doesn’t seem like 10 years.

I’ve posted two brackets for me, but can’t figure out how to bring up brackets for poofguy. I think I go through this every year.

f00l’s brackets done.

they move to the bottom of the standings pretty quickly.

you’re on meh, you know all of them!

But…but I don’t like all of them!

Hahaha…hey, I resemble that remark… :goat:

Present company excluded, of course.

yet again… i love this so much!.

My bracket is in. Thanks for continuing this grand tradition!

Me either.