2020 Woot Screaming Monkeys

2020 Woot Screaming Monkeys

Are we getting some 2021 monkeys? I have a bunch of these guys.

Get more!

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My tub is already full.

Get another tub.


Yes, bought a monkey, would have preferred crap…

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Your monkey might be better than crap. Probably even.

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this is the end…

44 minutes left.

Too early for the end

I bought one of each cape

Double probably-better-than-crap!

Happy Big Lebowski GIF

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“technically” - but lately once the flying monkeys sellout i feel like they’re not replaced…

One of each for me too. Haven’t gotten a monkey in a BOC in a long time, so artificially adding to the count.

I started the process to get them for birthday back in January. COVID has caused a lot of issues. They still haven’t made it on a slow boat from China. And you’ve heard how the ports are backed up.

Maybe by next birthday.

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Works for me. I’ll be watching for them.

Tell me what ship they are in. I will beach that thing and unload those monkeys.