20V MAX 1/2" Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver

20V MAX 1/2" Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver

Woot, do you know if this one REALLY comes with the storage bag? I have another Porter Cable tool that was supposed to come with the bag, and didn’t. It would be nice to have a bag.

Good check. It does not include a bag. We’re closing the sale until we get it updated. We’ll be contacting customers that already purchased.

Can someone let me know when you put the deal back up? I would like to get in on this deal. Thx

Hi there. We don’t have notification service. Sorry. Check back, download the app.

Ok. But is it something you guys are going to be putting back up? Will the app tell me or do I just check back daily?

We’ve carried these before so I’m sure we will again.