20V MAX 1.5Ah LI-ION Compact 3-Tool Kit

It looks like this set is $199 at Lowe’s

[VMod edit: Not the same set. The drill in the set at Lowe’s is not a hammer drill.]

The one on Lowes website is not this same spec combo, its missing the hammer drill “feature”.

Does this come with two batteries as pictured?

Correct; their set is only includes a regular drill, not a hammer drill.

I’m not staff, but I’ll see if I can get someone to verify the batteries. I do see that the specs aren’t specific in stating that.

I’ve asked the vendor for clarification, but haven’t heard anything back yet. :frowning:

At Home Depot the hammer drill is $199, the impact driver is $179, and the light is $49. Purchasing separately at those prices you would end up with an additional battery and an additional charger which sells for $149. Essentially this combo saves you $41.01 after the $5 shipping cost. The second battery would be nice but who really needs the extra charger and bag?

Any word on if this set comes with batteries?

I still haven’t heard anything back about the batteries. Sorry!

In my experience, the batteries in these don’t last nearly as long as my Black&Decker ones (which are all a few years old and get used often in my weed eater and blower also, all 20V Li 1.5Ah). I keep forgetting to look up if maybe the Dewalt motor is larger and pulls more current.

Other than that the drill works fine but I got the impression that they are throwing in extra batteries because individually they suck (even my drill only set had 2 batteries).

Is this deal the same thing?

[VMod edit: Corrected the URL. No, not the same kit. Hammer drill here, regular drill at CPO.]