20V MAX XR 2.0Ah Li-Ion Brushless 0.5" Cordless Compact Drill Driver Kit

This is essentially the same thing at Home Depot for $50 less! http://www.homedepot.com/p/DEWALT-20-Volt-Max-Lithium-Ion-1-2-in-Cordless-Drill-Driver-Kit-DCD771C2/204279858

That’s a pretty pricey belt clip!

[VMod note: Different model; batteries are 1.3Ah vs 2.0Ah, body length differs, and it’s not a brushless motor.]

That’s not a completely accurate statement. Here’s a link to the comparison of Home Depot’s drill vs. this drill on the DeWalt website:


[VMod edit: Corrected for model number and made link clickable.]