20V MAX XR 2.0Ah Li-Ion Brushless Compact Drill/Driver & Impact Driver Combo Kit

I’ve been a Woot fan for a long time, but I think the price on this one is a bit out of line. Brand new at Homedepot.com this is only $174.00 vice 224.99 here.

actually the price is about right for a refurb. the impact is their top of the line model (887) drill is mid grade. the price of each tool (bare) is about $120. i believe you are thinking of the dck240 which has the 885 impact and lower model drill (770 vs. 791)

You’re correct I was looking at the DCK240C2 which has the 885 impact and 771 drill. On Amazon and Home Depot it is now priced at $169. Is the difference between the 771 and the 791 worth $55 for a home hobbyist?

No it’s not. And at that point, if you consider yourself a “home hobbyist” you have to then consider if dewalt is the line you want to tie yourself to.

Consider that for less than this you can get a six piece combo kit from Ryobi. Or a Ridgid set that has a lifetime warranty. Or the Kobalt set that has 24V. It’s getting harder and harder to justify going yellow :slight_smile: