(21) Designs of Summer

Why didn’t they subtract the fire? These shirts need to come with a disclaimer that the instructions for s’mores are incomplete.

My Marshmallows are generally still on fire when making a s’more. To each their own I guess.

Sweet! I’m tote-ally getting my “Surfer Who?” design as a tote.

why is there the starwars shirt in unisex again but still not fitted tank? you’re killing me here woot! =[

Man, wish that shark one was available on a shirt. Because, well, a man doesn’t leave the house with a tank top on.

A little over 5 years ago ‘Now Let Me Get This Straight’ was my very first shirt.woot purchase. And it is still my favorite.

Actually its “A respectable man doesn’t leave the house with a tank top on”

I say that because come to the Jersey Shore … and well yea

Why do the Tank tops cost as much as the regular T’s when there is LESS fabric involved?

And what’s with NO XXL and XXXL sizes? Fat people need to be cool too.

One last thought…I ordered “order of operations” recently…now its back in rotation. Hmmmmm.

I always forget about those guys. Thank a lot for reminding me… :slight_smile:

Well they did subtract the wood and without wood there can’t be much of a fire, so in a way it could be correct.
Also in Math there is usually more than one way to solve the problem and I know as a fact that there is more than one way to make good s’mores;)

I’m thinking of getting Surfer Who? in a Men’s 2XL to wear as a bathing suit cover-up.

Woot really needs to expand their sizes. I’d be buying tanks like a mofo, but there is no way my chest is fitting in a large :frowning: Anyone else think it odd that you can get larger sizes in mens then they offer for women?