23” Widescreen Full HD 1080p LCD Monitor with HDMI



Nice to see Woot finally throwing some love to the dogs.

Stupid cats.

wow.I have a 22" right now. I wonder if it’s time to upgrade?

I bought one a while ago. I’m in for another one!

Another monitor…Really…

could i just have the super dog

Fantastic deal. Anyone who doesn’t buy this will be kicking themselves tomorow.

<<<<< In for 1, maybe 2 if they let me.

80% max RH pretty much rules out Houston…

anyone ever buy one of these and can elaborate on the manufacturer? Looks liek HP but just wanted to be sure


Hey, I have one of these. It’s purrrrty. But you will likely need DVI - HDMI adapter to get HD from your PC.


Only 10 dollars cheaper than it was in Nov '09.

If I’ve bought from shirt.woot.com but not a regular woot can I still grab a boc?

Alright a TV!! There goes my will to live again.

Yes, HP.

Missed this last time around, and have been kicking myself since. Mine!

How many dead pixels should I expect? I really want to buy this, but I need to make sure I get my money’s worth. Fingers crossed for a couple clusters of gray pixels and a single dead one in the middle.

I would have bought two, if I could have. So, you guys share the wealth…