24-Bottle Wine Cooler

Hey Mods (TT?) what does it mean in the features where it says 68 liters? It’s a 24-bottle cooler, typically wine bottles are 3/4 of a liter, so 3/4 of 24…isn’t 68. (Unless it’s that derned New Math they’re teaching the kids again?)

From the vendor: It’s just the capacity on the interior of the wine cooler. 68 liters = to approx. 2.4 cubic feet.

Is this two separate chambers or a double door with one section for bottles?

It appears to be two separate chambers since this offers two temperature zones.

Is this compressor based or solid-state TEC (Peltier) based for the actual cooling?
I hate it when that detail is omitted.

Also, just in case I didn’t miss it being described, is this rated for in counter mounting or standalone only?