24” LCD Monitor with HDMI

Debranded? It must be a Handy Product.

The shop I used to work for sold these things. They’re rebranded HP monitors. The picture is extremely clear and bright, and if they’re like the ones I used to sell, they even come with a VGA and HDMI cable!

Really a good price.

I have one of these. It’s a definite buy.

But be careful rotating it, it can break if you do it to hard. Like, if you set there and try to force it, etc.

I have this monitor, bought it last time it was on Sellout. It is truly amazing. Only thing it didn’t come with was a USB cable like this http://www.woot.com/Blog/ViewEntry.aspx?Id=6199 but since I bought one it came in handy! This thing is huge. Looking up the old model number it sold for quite a lot on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/W2408H-24-inch-Widescreen-LCD-Monitor/dp/B0013AHADQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1250658207&sr=8-1

Four star. I would give it five! Absolutely no dead pixels. This thing is awesome!

EPA Energy Star
As an Energy Star Partner, Hewlett-Packard has determined that this product meets the Energy Star guidelines for energy efficiency.

Must be a Dell.

Scroll down, it says that Hewlett Packard has deemed it energy star compliant, to me that means this is an HP

I got one of these ecxact models over at woot.com, and I use it every day. It is by far the best lcd I’ve ever used. HIghly recommended.

One tip, iy will default to HDMI, so if you connect it via the analog connector, it will flash on and off if the computer is turned off.

Also, you have to be connected to a valid video source before you can get to the setup menu. They aren’t problems, just tips to help you love this.

I’m in for another one!

That’s what she said.

But seriously, this looks like a pretty good pickup. I’m wondering if I should get it to run my PS3 video to it.

I got this monitor last time it was on Woot and I love it. You need to have a big desk for it though for optimal viewing distance.

VGA and HDMI, but no DVI. Sorry, i can’t think of an H- P- expression this late at night to go along with my comment.

Forgive me for being (edit impatient, the specs are at the bottom, I should learn to scroll.)

nope, it is clearly an HP. they literally took a sharpie to cover over the model number. Even the sticker on the back says HP.

So can you plug in an HDMI cable from your DVD player or Satellite TV system and us this as a TV? Has anyone done this? Pros and cons?

It lists a USB cable as “In the Box” and plus, that is a very common USB cord (A-B)

EDIT: Sorry about the stupid sounding post, let me rephrase. If you get dead pixels on a monitor, my experience showed that it won’t be covered by a warranty unless there are an excessive amount. I’d be wary of buying monitors online; with a brick and mortar retailer, you can return it without the shipping/waiting hassle.

Dang it! I was hoping for another Woot field test… I would have liked to see a monitor thrown off the top of a building.


I have the 21" version of this. HDMI means you can hook up your Xbox360 or PS3 or HD cable box to it at full 1080p. Best monitor ever.

This is the dumbest thing I have ever read, thats like saying “Well I bought a Toyota truck and the transmission wasn’t right on it to someone looking at buying a Ford truck” just because they are trucks does not mean they are in any way the same.