24-Piece 100% Cotton Towel Set

You can dry yourself off with denim or lettuce or silk or kittens…

Kittens? WOW!

Woot? Sell me some kittens right meow!

I wont SELL u some kittens BUT i have four u can HAVE for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!


Does anyone know where these are made and the thread count? Do they shrink or is it combed cotton?

Thanks, Needs Towels in Florida :slight_smile:

I bought a set of these towels and washed them before use. They left so much fuzz I ran them through the washer and dryer two more times hoping that would eliminate the fuzz. It did not so I abandoned them and bought another set from another name brand merchant. Hope you have better luck.

These have been on Woot at least 3 times now. I bought a set over the winter. Towels are very thin and lightweight. I would not recommend them

I bought these last time they were up without checking around first. After a little research it seems it wasn’t as much of a deal as it seemed. However I was pleasantly surprised by their quality.

They have a lot of de-fuzzing to go through and after multiple washes they still shed a fair amount but I expect that to work itself out.

Probably the largest complaint I have about them is that we bought the ivory colored set and after just a few washes they seem practically white now. Not sure if the other colors hold better but ivory certainly does not seem to.

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These are imported from India.

Towels are measured by GSM, not threadcount. These are 500GSM.

300-400 GSM - Light Weight: A thinner, lighter towel that dries quickly. Excellent for travel such as to the gym or beach.

400-600 GSM - Medium Weight: A good weight for bath towels. It is thicker and more absorbent than its lighter counterparts.

600-900 GSM - Luxury Weight: These are the premium towel with a heavier feel. It is more absorbent but also takes longer to dry.

paper thin towels definitely, i cant imagine these towels costing more than what your selling them for.

Buy a dozen cat shirts from shirt.woot, get a cat for free!


Trash. Seriously…my high school gym had better towels. I knew I was taking my chances for $50 bucks, but these were so thin and crummy I put them in the goodwill box without using them. Shame on Woot for selling this.

Have car rags that are better quality than these towels! Think cheapest motel you’ve ever stayed and these were probably from there.

Very well said! Agree 100%

Wouldn’t put “good” in the same description with thes.