24V 22" Hedge Trimmer, Battery/Charger

Does anyone have this? any good? how long does the battery last?
EDIT: comes with battery annnd charger annnd its not nickel cadium battery…

Comments from a previous sale

$80 on Amazon…people seem to like it.


i have the corded version and it is great. The rotating handle is not a necessity but it works well.

If you are planning on purchasing a second battery just by two of these. The battery alone cost around $80.

Looks like last time this sold it did not include a battery and charger. This time around it DOES include a battery and charger. Reviews seem great - the Big Stores carry corded versions of something similar for ~$50. This seems like a great deal!

I bought these last summer. This thing is a BEAST! My hedge trimming time went from over an hour with a corded 24" trimmer to half an hour with this. The pack lasts 2 full trimming sessions.

Best deal woot has had in a while. I’m in.

Be wary wooters. i bought the 40v verison of this last year and it said it came with a battery and charger and it did not. i paid 109 for the trimmer on woot. barely could find a battery and charger to fit it since it was discontinued with a cost of 200 for the battery and charger. I told woot of their mistake and they could have been less concerned. i have stopped ordering as much as i use to since this issue. left bad taste in my mouth.

I am sincerely sorry about your previous experience with us. I checked in with our buyer and we have absolutely confirmed these will be coming with battery and charger.

I got this last time and it works nicely. It isn’t going to chop thick branches but it does a good job.