$25 and Under Steals...that you still pay for.

Hey, here’s some favorites like the burner pot and grilled cheese pan! Mega bargains up in here, just saying.

What do you say, though?

Does anyone know if the Regal Ware AK712-GB 12" Open Stainless Steel Fry Pan will work on an induction burner?

I live in an apartment with the smallest stove I have ever seen. 3 of the 4 burners are small, so the 4th burner pot is perfect! I used it to cook pasta shells the other night. As long as whatever you are cooking can’t easily slip through a 1/4 inch space, you should be golden! The non-stick surface in the pots is really non-stick, so it’s a breeze to hand wash. I have two, and I’d buy more, but I’m all out of cabinet space!

I gotta say that frying pan for grilled cheese is pretty slick.


Here’s an inside/outside grilled cheese sandwich I made with it.


Here it was 10 seconds after cleanup with a paper towl.

It’s real nice not having to dirty up a big pan just to make something small like a sandwich or a fried egg.

Your apartment planners and mine must have been in cahoots. Thanks for the review!

I don’t own an induction stovetop but I do own some of these pans and they practically pull my magnetic knife strip off of the wall when they’re near, for what that’s worth.

On the KR 4th burner pot…description says, ‘The silicone coated handle on pot and insert stay cool to the touch’ but the photo doesn’t show silicone coating on the insert and the pot handle looks to be plastic. Can anybody clarify?

I own this pan and love it. I don’t own an induction burner, but the pan says it will work on an induction burner. The product description at Amazon also says it is good for use on all types of range tops including induction. http://www.amazon.com/American-Kitchen-Tri-Ply-12-Inch-Stainless/dp/B003Z0BSAS/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top

the treehaus bike looks like a piece of cr@p. almost got suckered into this.


Anybody know the weight of the burner pot?

2 lbs. 5 ounces. According to my scale. I like this pot! There is always room for it, even when using multiple large fry pans on the stove. Nice enough quality - it’s a steal at $10, IMO.

Kuhn Rikon

I would much rather have the one offered by the manufacturer.

Any chance of that happening?

Glad to see you’re getting good use out of your pan. I used mine about 6 times and the non-stick coating is bubbling away from the pan, the paint is peeling in several areas (and I only hand wash with a soft sponge) and the handle is wiggling loose. Thankfully they have a lifetime warranty but I will probably have to pay to ship it to them; effectively it’s a disposable pan.