25 Random Comics + Collector Cards!

I need to complete my collection of classic boy band collector cards. Can I be assured of receiving a pack of the NKOTB cards?

The sweet siren call of random comics… mmmmmm…

I’m sorry, that’s a really popular pack, I don’t think we can confirm that you’ll for sure receive it.

Received mine today. This is the second time I’ve ordered, and the comic book selection is very different this time around. I liked this box at first glance better than the last one. There are still sports cards included; I got two packs of Michael Jordan cards, some baseball cards, basketball cards and some racing cards. There are more pukemon cards this time around, too. However, the loose cards in the envelope really did include Star Wars and Marvel cards. There was a pack of Batman cards, which I thought was kind of cool, and then a pack of Lion King and another of Power Rangers cards. I don’t order these for the cards, though, I really just want the books…

I don’t know if there are actually 8 “top” comics in the box. I have 2 Avengers, 3 X-Men, 1 Thor, and 1 Predator (not on the list that I saw, but still big enough name that I recognize it), and, no, none of them are duplicates. There might be one other, but I order these because I’m a complete comic book novice and think it’s a fun way to expand my geeky horizons. Like I said, though, I had a better first impression of this box than the last one I ordered.

Any Vintage/rare/valuable books in your box?

My list. Ive emailed support because if youre gonna sell me crap but tell me there are 8 ‘big names’ in there - there better be 8. I just got a bunch of crap.

1 - X-men unlimited
2 - Marvel Knights Daredevil #46
3 - The incredible Hulk #55 (which is only $.25 retail listed on package…)
4 - Marvel Knights Wolverine Hulk #3
5 - Hulk Wolverine six hours 2 of 4

And it stops there. The rest are very odd. Listed below

6 - Gen 13 #0 (worth $.13…)
7 -The Black Pearl 3 of 5
8 -The last of the Viking Heroes #3
9 -WILDC.A.T.S #37
10 - The DNAgents #2
11 - Black Terror #14
12 - George R R martins Fevre Dream
13 - Babe 3 of 4
14 - YoungBlood #9
15 - Sable Return of the Hunter #7
16 - Night #0
17 - The second life of Doctor Mirage #5
18 - TURF
19 - Rockin Bones #2
20 - Monster Fights inc. #1
21 - Elflord #13
22 - Bloodstrike #3
23 - Ultraverse The Strangers #9
24 - Marshall Law #3
25 - and my personal WHAT THE F - The exploits of the Junior Carrot Patrol - Which is basically a coloring book.

Crapcrapcrap. The cards were crap. Even the good comics were crap. Though The x-men unlimited has some decent artwork.

EDIT : Woot gave me a $5 refund after arguing with them. Im even more disappointed.

Without actually knowing what would be rare or valuable, I don’t think so. Everything seems like it’s in the middle of a series or something new and not yet notable.

I only got 5 of the “big name” comics they listed and got a full refund, including tax and shipping, after I complained to customer service.

Not sure about the “big five” either.

Some of the “cards” were packages of stickers.