25 Random Comics + Collector Cards!

**Item: **25 Random Comics + Collector Cards!
Price: $14.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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Lot’s of comments from when this was sold in July

Relevant to my interests. However, it makes me leery that the description merely states “some might have value” without providing specific examples.

What is value? Something from 1994 when the market was oversaturated that’s worth $8…or the 1st appearance of Deadpool in a 9.8 condition, worth a couple hundred? What’s considered vintage? Modern era books from the 80’s, or Silver Age?

Need more data.

I went through my stack and pulled out anything that could possibly be worth something. Think $2-3 in Very Good condition for around 5 of them. You’re not going to make money off of this random lot.

These were truly random. Different genres, mix of indie and DC/Marvel, ranges from R-Rated to G…the works. Nothing that was a real classic - these are the comics that simply don’t sell.

So…if I went in for three, am I likely to get duplicates? I’d be in for even one but it’s frustrating when many of the comics are not a stand alone story. Instead, you might end up with a cliffhanger. I’ve gotten stung on this-granted not through a Woot offering, but it’s the risk you take with a random bundle.

I am having a tough time deciding whether to get this or not.
I like the idea, just skeptical about the randomness and the number of dupes I will get, especially if I order three.
I read the comments from the last time this was offered, but do those comments translate over to this sale?

Reminds me of back in the day…


I ordered 3 packs and got three identical sets…

Think of it as a bag of crap with slightly less risk.

I just would hate to order 3 sets and gets 3 identical sets. especially if there are dupes in each set.
Supposedly guaranteed 6 different in each set, gonna have to think about it for a few more minutes before I bite.

If you’re buying it for profit, you’re buying for the wrong reason.

I agree with that statement. However, buying to have close to 75 comics to read is great. I would just hate to pay for 75 and only have 20 unique comics.

what stood out to me were the number of posts in that sale. 766 interested posts on an item. all ten sites combined couldn’t do that now.

I bought 3 orders last time. Only one set of duplicates. Out if 75 comics, 30-35 were decent. The remainder comics were indie and most of the indie comics came from Canada and they sucked chuncks. Also the playing cards are worthless as even my son and nephews didn’t want them. Also one order came with 24 but another order came with 26.

I ordered two packs last time and had great variety, only one duplicate comic. I was very entertained, comics from 80s and 90s mostly.

I don’t buy random shirts to make a profit either, just for fun.

Hope these are still in stock in the morning. Need to run it by the wife, but this’ll make GREAT Secret Santa fodder.

I ordered 2 sets in July. They came in great shape without any duplicates. I was pleased, now I just need more time to read them all!

Another harsh reminder that I sold my silver age comic collection in the early '80s for a lousy $100…and I had the X-men relaunch series with Wolverine and the non-comic-coded Spiderman issues… :frowning:
(I just barfed a little in my mouth when writing this.)

I did the same thing in 1970, only I had about 90% of the 1960’s Marvel comics, including Avengers #4, the revival of the frozen Capt. America, and a bunch of other classics that I don’t even remember any more. Including the first appearance of Galactus.

No Baby Huey? I’m out.