25 Random Comics + Collector Cards!

There are some quality comics here, for kids and adults. Great price too. Anybody needs some bathroom reading material?

**Item: **25 Random Comics + Collector Cards!
Price: $14.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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8/27/2013 - $14.99 - 13 comment(s)

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I wonder if you’d get 3 identical sets picked from a warehouse of 4-5 million comics?

I have purchased 3 sets both times this has been offered. I have not gotten identical sets but there were some repeats. I got Catwoman 1 in each box on my first order but all the others were different. I received a couple that were autographed even. Not sure the authenticity one looked legit in my non expert opinion comparing to other autographs online.

You wont get rich off of buying these but there is a good mix from different companies and independents. I have been happy with my purchase both times and will be in for 3 more.

i picked up 3 of these back in august (the write-up for which they have so efficiently re-used today…). nothing particularly cool, other than The Maxx #1, and the “collector’s cards” are mostly old Defiant “Plasm” or “Puke-mon” cards. in every package, i got a copy of Catwoman #1 from 1993, which i already had a copy of… that i bought in 1993.

I got a 3-pack for one of the last sales. I only got about 2-3 duplicates out of a large variety of comics. Nothing currently worth much over it’s selling price. All comics were in new condition, but just stacked uncovered in a box. Luckily, they survived shipping just fine.

Edit: Reading the new posts - Yes, one of my duplicates was Catwoman #1 :stuck_out_tongue:

I bought one of these last time and it was a very mixed bag. Some good ones including Spider-Man, Lobo, Flash, The Punisher, Cable, and The Avengers. I also received some sketchy ones including one called “Glamourpuss” about fashion models, a many unheard of titles from the early 90’s, and the world’s lamest Superman comic (he gets held hostage and beat up by a regular guy and Lois Lane has to save him). The cards were all from the 3rd sequel of “The Crow” and went into the garbage immediately.

Well, this is my Christmas present gamble. Here’s hoping for kid appropriate and pokemon/digimond/crappy cartoon cards!

Looks like the same deal x2 on Dailysteals for $35. No I would not buy from Dailysteals but not sure Woot’s price is all that great

Got 2 last time for my boys for a long car ride for a trip up north this summer. They were perfect! Lots of random titles, but plenty they knew: Avengers, Wolverine, Superman, etc. Not many duplicates. They recently stopped collecting Pokemon cards, but thought the ‘Puke-mon’ cards were hilarious. There were a couple of questionable comics, including one with girl ninjas that dressed scantaly and cut peoples’ heads off, so I would do a quick check before giving it to 8-10 year olds. Overall great purchase and considering for Xmas presents this time around!

Can’t really beat a ~60-cents a comic. My only hesitation is getting #4 in a 6 part series or something.

Mine were almost all entirely this, while I’m versed enough in comics that I could generally figure it out in major title. I was totally lost in the more obscure titles (which I received many of)

I snagged 2 boxes last time this was up. No dupes, quite a few of the #1s mentioned above - Catwoman, The Maxx, etc. Lots of misc titles from all the major companies going back as far as 1984.

Overall, was a good variety of reading material. I ordered 3 boxes this time.

Not worth it at all, bought three last time and was not a good mix

If you buy these and properly store them, in a few hundred years, they’ll likely be worth MUCH more than you paid and your great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grand children will remember you kindly!

I picked up two sets last time in hopes of just having some funky wrapping paper for my son to use as class/b-day presents. However, most of the titles were teen to semi-adult, not suitable even for wrapping gifts to 9-yr olds due to gore and language.

In this case, “may contain” should have been “75% or more”.

You pays your money, you takes your chances.

Oh, and the cards were mostly unheard-of variations on Garbage Pail kids.

Archie is not a ‘top 20’?

Jughead, and Betty Cooper. Oh, Betty…

The Maxx #1? That is cool!

Give me a few examples of no-name indie comics, just out of curiosity.