29-Piece Road Side Emergency Tool Kit with 10 Gauge Booster Cables - 2 Pack

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29-Piece Road Side Emergency Tool Kit with 10 Gauge Booster Cables - 2 Pack
$14.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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might be interesting to have, but dont need one, winters nearly over!

Where’s the “2 for Tuesday” logo?

I can use this to jump my iCar! Seriously, I have this kit… nothing special, but it has saved me on more than one occasion! (Not to mention a AAA membership is $50 a year…)

While this may look like a rather cheap kit, I can attest that having this sort of stuff handy is better than not having anything at all. It’s also a great (albeit boring) gift idea if you have a new driver in your family, like my 16 year old niece.

Will it help with this?

I have something like this in the back of my car, but I use it more for minor repairs on other things when I don’t have tools around. Well the jumper cables for jumping other people off, but still a great thing to have in the back of the car.

Any chance Woot can get this to me before the bad mammajamma blizzard that’s coming in tomorrow?

Wow, that’s perfect for winter in…Texas. And a car made before 1990, since they’re all metric, now. G’night woot!

Why should I work on my own car? As much as gas costs, stations should throw in a mechanic to ride in my trunk just in case things take a down-hill turn.

You’ll be wanting a CarSnuggie.

These cables overheat if you try to use them for anything other than a simple one-off jump.

just for the record, 10 guage booster cables are close to useless. Maybe if you connected both cables at once?

Such an awesome deal. Count me in

Anyone know if the tools are stainless steel?

Bought this from Woot! a while back. I tried to use the jumper cables once and they don’t have enough copper in them to conduct enough juice to get the job done.

The rest of the kit is okay . . . but make sure you still have a decent pair of jumper cables!

Craptastic! I don’t think the tools included would help you actually get the battery out of the car (in case the jump-start doesn’t work).

That’s why there’s 2!

This looks a bit better than the usual offering of this type here. The cables should be ok for small and medium-sized vehicles.