29-Piece Road Side Emergency Tool Kit with 10 Gauge Booster Cables - 2 Pack

Considering they’re designed only for a simple one-off jump, I’d say they do their job reasonably well.

10 gage wire would probably due in an emergency, but it would get very hot if you were to try and jump a battery that was very low.


Amazon peeps don’t like it.



How long are these cables?

Regrettably I think I have to say that this looks like some cheap made in China junk, and while I would acknowledge that everything made in China is NOT cheap junk, this stuff appears to be cheap junk.

I have a homemade kit in my trunk now but it rattles around in a cardboard box. This woot is worth it just for the case.

10 gauge is fine. It’s the 8 foot length that might be an issue. Remember, one of these cars is likely immobile, and there may be limited space for the jumping car to park. 12 or 15 feet would be much better.

I second this.

10 gauge jumper cables are horrible. I tried jumping a car with 10 gauge jumper cables and they melted. You need at least 8 gauge, but 4 gauge is recommended.

Secondary use for the gloves:

Look great when doing Jazz Hands.

Let’s take a shot of reality.

The only thing of (and even then questionable) value in this kit is the jumper cable. While it may not be the best jumper cable ever, is a jumper cable that may be capable of getting your car started. The rest is just a couple of screwdrivers, a piece of electric tape a 99 cent store grade tire gauge and a few cheap fuses. Well, the case looks somewhat nice.

So given that, you’re basically getting 2 jumper cables for $10 each (or less if you buy 2 or 3 sets), and that is a pretty cheap price for a little piece of mind. If you don’t have a better one in the back of your car, and don’t want to spend $30+ on a quality jumper cable - this may be just a thing to get. And who knows, maybe a screwdriver can come handy one day too.

I bought one of these off woot a year or so ago. The kit in general with the gloves, screwdrivers, and sockets are good to have. but I would HIGHLY recommend getting better jumper cables. They may be good for one, maybe two jumps, but that’s it.

I jumped a co-worker’s car after his battery died on him and using these cables, they MELTED. I smelled burning plastic/nylon and grabbed the cables and yanked them. The alligator clips were still on the batteries and wires were burnt through the cover. Glad I didn’t burn myself or get shot with 500 CCAs.

Do yourself a favor and invest in decent jumper cables.

I will admit, I do agree with this man, but at the end of the day you’re paying ten dollars a piece for these things. What do you expect? You want quality, you pay for quality.

Have the kit. It’s great, but the cables are useless. 10 gauge may work for a golf cart.

I bought one of these off woot many moons ago. While the kit is a nice idea in theory, the tools are simply too whimpy to be effective. I have both tried to jump others and get my own vehicle on the road again with the cables, and they simply are not adequate for that purpose. The pliers are cheap, but the screw drivers and sockets are useful for a lot of jobs.

My toolkit now consists of a pair of good jumper cables, a couple of small vise grips, channel lock pliers, a crescent wrench, and a couple of screwdrivers. I feel that every driver should keep a functional set of tools in the car. I may not know what I am doing staring under the hood broken down on the side of the road, but my tools would make you think otherwise.

Jumper wires are sized a little on the small side. Ten gauge wire will only flow about 20-30 Amps or so. Most jumps will not work with that small of a charge. And if left on for a long time, will get very hot. I did a quick calculation, and it will drop around 0.25 volts, which should not be a problem.

So, it will not work for a direct jump/start, but, might work if left on for a while, say 5 minutes, then attempt a start.

Having said that, I have not tried, and not sure if that will work, or if the cables will overheat.

The socket wrenches are useless for any non-American car because they are inch-based.

I have this exact same kit, was a gift about 5 years ago. While I would prefer a better gauge and longer cables these have worked perfectly fine jumping my truck (ram 1500 v8 hemi 5.7L) and other trucks. The tools are complete crap though… screw driver broke (no plastic handle anymore, just a metal bar which is impossible to get a grip on) and the pliers are constantly needing the nut tightened so they don’t fall apart (has happened several times).

Overall, for the price I would say if you need cables get it, hell 2 cables for 15 bucks is a good deal even for these.

IMO, 10 gauge is absolutely disgraceful for jumper cable, not even worth having in your trunk. At least they are only 8’ long, remember the voltage will drop over distance so you want short cables for 6 or 8 gauge, I wouldn’t get 14’ cables unless they were 4 gauge.

I’d also advise against the cables…nothing like getting stuck and then figuring out your 10 gauge cables are designed to start a golf cart or maybe an engine with a really low cranking draw. Stick with at least 8 gauge unless you have a truck.