2pc Combo Set Lidholder & Charcoal Holder

I bought one of these (well, OK, I bought the whole set!) when they were for sale on a previous Woot. As an old Boy Scout “Adult Scouter” who knows what to do with a Dutch Oven, a pile of coals and a wide assortment of recipes to play with I was pretty much happy in the past with an old round pie pan to catch and hold coals (you need to keep there heat from going into the ground, even If you are on sand or a concrete pad/ Thats on top of “Leave No Trace” ethics) and a pair of pliers to pull the lid…No Longer! I’m now spoiled. These all work quite well. I like the elevated stand and the coal catch pan…way handy as is the lid stand. Worth the money. May last as long as the four ovens I have (one is over 75 years old and counting) and will easily outlive me. They are Iron, I’m not. These stands, Iron and Stainless Steel…No Plastic to break. Buy good things …once; these are “good things”. “Scouts Honor”! BP

Does this set
include the dutch oven

Dutch Oven is not included. The sale is more clear now.

Thanks for sharing your experience with these tools, I’m sold!

Note that this set does not include the pictured lid holder. It includes the lid stand, instead. At the minimum, you need both items to make this system work with your 12" Dutch oven. I’m a bit disappointed that the grill is not in the sale this time. You can buy the entire system on the mothership for about $80.

I bought the grill as well…the whole “kit and caboodle” if you will. I am quite happy with the set. It offers great flexibility. BP

To further clarify, when I say “I bought the whole set”, I bought the Lidholder, (that is the Woot here with the “Charcoal Holder pan”, the “Kickstand” that is part of the Camp Chef offering and as another Wooter offered the “Grill” that was offered in the previous Woot but not currently.

As mentioned by other Wooters, No Dutch Ovens come with these “accessories” (of course). These are however great accessories. I wished I had them over the last 15 years of Boy Scouting activities and for all of my Family camping.

Lodge makes great dutch ovens and they are available seasoned at Bass Pro. If you can find Griswold cast iron ovens or pans at a yard or estate sale, they are great quality