2pc Modern Fit Wool Suit - 3 Colors

Compared with the “Italian” poly suits normally here, this could be a great buy. Well worth buying…if they fit you well in the shoulders

i lol’d for realizes at the item description. thanks for that.

I’ve never understood why suit manufacturers pair the pants - only one size - with the jacket. What % of men who have a particular chest size/arm length have that waist? Why not open yourself up to a bigger market and sell them separately? You can only take in/let out pants so much.

I’m a 48L in the jacket, but my waist is a 36-38 depending on fit. You can’t take pants in 4-6". (Well, you can, but you’d end up with MC Hammer pants.)

A 6 inch drop is quite normal for suits. The majority of Americans all fit in this moderately common range of drops. Blame it on processed foods, corn syrup, portion size…you name it.

I used to sell suits for two suit companies. When I was younger, I was also much more health conscious and had time to go to the gym and stay healthy. I could not find suits that fit because I had a 13 inch drop. Ironic since I could not buy any suits from the two shops that I worked for because their ‘fit/athletic’ cut at the time was only 8 inches. I had to shop at a competitor that had a 10 inch drop and then have them recut the pants so I didn’t have MC Hammer pants or have a single back pocket. LOL.

Flash forward two decades, one marriage, 3 kids later…and my ‘drop’ has been cut in half.

I’m now right at the American norm of a 6 inch drop. That slightly muscular heft that was a 42 reg with a slim 29 waist has become a 40 reg with 36 waist.

So…it’s a simple statistical analysis that many companies do. Unfortunately that big bell curve topping is of that 35-50 age group range that has that wonderful 6 inch drop. folks who are married, desk jobs, probably eating quickly without thought to the number of calories we inbibe.

At 48L, you’re tall and big, much like a nordic body builder physique. With a a 36" waist, your legs will be as big as some of us formerly skinny guys’ waists (back then). In other words, you’re a giant among pudgy men. You’re not the norm. The norm doesn’t sell :slight_smile:

If it doesn’t fit, you must just quit. With no returns for a better size, what does one do?

Oh, I understand the statistical analysis of it and what the norm is for the general population; I know very well what the bell curve looks like. What doesn’t make sense is that it would cost significantly more to sell the pants separately that it would negate the extra sales made by selling the jacket and pants separately.

My point is, why would it cost more to sell the pants separately, to the point that it would negate extra sales from those outside the “norm”?

Separates leave you with a lot of mismatched stock that basically can’t be sold no matter what the discount. The standard drop, allowing for +/- 2 inches or so either way to altering the waist, probably fits at least 95% of the population. After production ends on a run, it’s far better to sell remaining suits to the 95% at a discount than to be left holding 36" jackets and 38" pants that will never be sold in combination and that you just have to send to thrift stores.

On another note, anybody know anything about these suits? Fit, quality, weight, anything? I’m tempted by a charcoal, all my charcoal suits are winter weight, I could use a 3 season one.

Tempting, but it’s just too risky to buy a no-brand, made in China suit, with no return policy. At least if it were a popular brand, you might have an idea of the sizing. Or, if I could return it if it didn’t fit. Unfortunately, I don’t have an extra $125 to (possibly) throw away.

Manufacturers rarely sell separates for a good reason. They would go broke eating up the leftover stock. Find a good tailor. If he has to remake your pants for $30, you are still ahead of the game.

Any link recommendations for figuring out suit sizing at home w/o basing it off a suit you already own?

I get my suit separates at Jos. A Bank, they have stores everywhere

Buying a suit without trying it on is just crazy.

I’m also in the camp of having more than a 6" drop, although I do have a desk job and 3 kids…

Your chest size in inches is your jacket size. Order a short if you’re short, a regular if you’re of average height, and a tall if you’re tall. The waist size (second number) is the size of your waist in inches.

If this is the case, they aren’t doing their statistical analysis correctly. You do the statistical analysis separately for pants and jackets and manufacture quantities at sizes accordingly.

This is also wrong, because anyone who has worn suits for any length of time knows that the pants will wear out long before the jacket will. If you want to make a suit last longer, you buy a second pair of pants. I learned this a long time ago. If you sell pants separately, you will sell a lot more pants because people could/should buy two pair of pants per suit. Even if it is basic solid colors, because it can be tough to find the same shade/hue or pattern of a black, navy, or gray.

Any halfway decent salesperson should have no problem convincing someone that it is a good idea to buy a second pair of pants. I’m guessing they don’t do that because they want people to buy another suit. But there is no guarantee that those people will return in the future and buy from them. Present sales are always better than future sales.