2pc SW Oval Holiday Mug 18oz Set

Hope they shipped everyone’s mugs better then they did mine. each mug from manufacturer comes in a thin cardboard box, which isn’t a shipping box just a retail box. THey through both boxes in a FedEx plastic shipping bag with no padding.

Needless to say, each mug is now a collection of 1-2 inch ceramic pieces.

I’m sorry. Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

I’ve let the home team know so they can pass this on to the vendor.

I did contact customer service. Got a response with the typical disingenuous answer. They did refund me my money because:

Oh, but look, the item is still here being sold. So obviously isn’t sold out and deal hasn’t ended. But in all likelihood the replacements would have been packaged and shipped the same way and arrived as ceramic confetti.

Once again I am reminded why I stopped shopping at woot.

I’m sorry that Customer Service sent you some “mixed” messages, but I’m glad they got you a refund.