2PK 54" X 84" Room Darkening Curtains

2PK 54" X 84" Room Darkening Curtains


Is this a 2 Pack of 2 Panels?
Or 1 Pack of 2 Panels?
Yes, I’m from the good old days when you bought curtains they always came as a pair of 2 panels, one for the left of the window and one for the right side. Now days you never know!
Thanks for the help!

I think it’s two panels per package.


Recieved mine today Wow they are fabulous! I sure wish I had an opportunity to purchase one more PAIR… hint hint

When purchasing different brands that are new to me, I buy 1 pair first to see if they will work in the horrid house I rent.

I love them and their perfect…
Please post em 1 more time

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