2Pk Aduro 10,000mAh Qi Wireless Charging Power Bank Battery (2 Pack)

2Pk Aduro 10,000mAh Qi Wireless Charging Power Bank Battery (2 Pack)

The good: you get two at this price.

The bad: you get two of the same color.

tl;dr Purple.

Can the USB-C port be used as an output or is it only an input to charge the battery?

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I believe the usb-A ports are output. You could use a usb-A to usb-c cable.

I bought 2 sets for my kids to take on a school trip, they came in boxes that had obviously been opened. They were all scuffed up, obviously not new. They were leaving the next day, and all four charged up and they wanted to take them, so off they went. However, one of the green ones died at the beginning of kids trip. The listing said new so I’m a bit disappointed in that regard. Going to contact customer service to see what they can do. Just stopped by to see if anyone else was having problems with these.


I’ve had those problems (& more) with a couple aduro banks & a couple mophie banks purchased from Woot…

The version i got of this one was quite obviously used and scratched up, sold as new (both at woot and direct from Amazon).

The 10k Qi Aduro bank I recently measured at about 50% of stated capacity (barely 5k). Would barely charge my phone once.

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USB c is input only and there to trick you into thinking this has up to date internals.

Woot gave me a refund after sending a pic and a video of it not turning on. Thing 1 would have rather had a replacement, but you get what you get sometimes.

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Yep… I told CS it didn’t work according to listing with accompanying screenshots… and nothing.

Just SOL I guess with a slow-charging ten pound actual brick with the capacity of faux-brick drywall.