2pk Rocketbook Fusion Smart Notebooks & 5 Pens

2pk Rocketbook Fusion Smart Notebooks & 5 Pens

I sent my daughter off to college with a set of these and they’re what she uses to take notes. She really likes them.


I got one in a bag of crap once. It looks really handy but I haven’t had a reason to use it.

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$35/$37 ON AMAZON. DON’t BUY!!!

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Woot is offering TWO, not one.

The Woot price saves paying $60+ for two from Amazon.

That is for one not a Two Pack and only One Pen!

Do the pens run out of ink and that’s the reason you get 5 of them?

Don’t ALL pens run out of ink eventually?

I ordered the non-Fusion books during a previous Woot, and they’re pretty cool, but I haven’t tried to clean any of the pages yet. Also, I believe some of the pens may have different ink colors, but I haven’t tried them all.

If you have a book full of notes, close it up and let it jumble around in a backpack for awhile will the pages smear around on each other?

You can buy the pens separately. I think this set has a variety of color.

My daughter takes notes in class and then roams around campus. She’s happy with these. And it’s a big campus.

I’ve still seen better prices than this, on Woot no less. A good deal would be around $45 for two.

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Does she go to anti impulse buying classes there?

This is the new Fusion. They ran the older model before but never this one.