2pk Rocketbook Smart Notebooks & 3 Pens

So, it’s a write on wipe off notebook?
Kinda cool, but kinda meh.

Hey, I can scan and store any writings in the cloud already with apps I already have.

Price for either size $44.99 (edit: here tonight: 3 pens/2 notebooks)
link I think to a different Amazon entry: $32 for the Executive size and 1 pen, $34 for Letter size and 1 pen.
They say any pen can be used, but the Frixion pen is the one included apparently to ensure that the ink can be erased (nearly)completely (at least for the first 2 months):

but this review says wipe it clean every few weeks to prevent ghosting:

Several reviews say left-handed writing won’t work as easily.
This review says get the 0.5 mm pen rather than the default 0.7 mm pen:

Other videos:

Whatsa: Ours is a 2-pack.

Also… HI!

Yeah, I know, I didn’t make it clear enough, I guess, that this is a bargain price with 3 pens/2 books compared to the Amazon price with 1 book/1 pen.
I’m working late (what’s new), but wanted to stop in. Wasn’t sure you’d be here this late, but good to hear friendly greetings in return. Wish I could be here more. Take care, TT.

I purchased these for Christmas and the Wave versions earlier in the year right here at WOOT! I love them so. I have since purchased Frixion markers, and fine point pens to make my journaling experience that much more rich.

Title says three pens, description says one pen per book. Clarification?

One other minor question. I am presuming it is the 0.7 mm pen that comes with this based on reading elsewhere, but it wouldn’t hurt to clarify the size of the pen tip.

I’ve seen this for years here and season 8 of Shark Tank. I just bought 100 notebooks at 10/$1 for my kid. I lose pens constantly. I still have to take a picture to upload it.

I still can’t understand this item.

Probably because you are like me-disorganized. :open_mouth:
I think the ‘sell’ is if you take lots of notes, the notes make sense and you organize things to many different cloud services. The app is pretty good.

What deal? At amazon its $15 more for same crap, free shipping, no tax… more bs from woot!


You mean $15 off of a $50 item isn’t good enough for you? Are they supposed to give it away for free? I get free shipping from woot now too.

3rd party seller also means no 2 day shipping for Prime members if Amazon was selling it.

Also, if a $15 isn’t a deal, what is?

Each book comes with 1 Black Pen

So 2 books = 2 Black Pens

In addition, this bundle includes a 3-pen Pack.

I have one of these and love it-

Here’s my thing-

I write.

A lot-
I also always have several projects going on at once-

I also doodle and sketch ideas for later.

I have a million notebooks, many of which I haven’t written anything in because I have a weird thing about not wanting to spoil an empty notebook- I tried having different notebooks for different projects but then I just go around lugging a pile of notebooks-

The rocketbook is now my core carry around idea notebook because I can write things down, send them to various google drive folders, and the wipe it clean to start fresh later.

I know I could just do a version of this with nearly any other sort of notebook, but I LOVE how there are little symbols at the bottom of the page that I mark and when I photo it with the app, it automatically sends the file to the right, designated folder.

This allows me to jump from project to project as my brain jumps around and not have to switch notebooks or worry about digging through pages to find stuff later- I just mark the bottom and take a photo when Im done.

When I was first given one (as a gift from my wife) I thought it seemed kind of silly- “Oh, you just take a photo of the thing you wrote…” -but in function, it is much more useful than it seems.

Debating buying more here for future use… But then I’d have MORE empty notebooks- heh

“take a picture” makes it sound harder than it is. The paper has a specific format that the app recognizes, with checkboxes on the bottom to check where you want it to go.

The process then is, get out your phone, open the app, point it at the first page. Then point it at the second page, Then point it at the next page. The app takes care of snapping the shutter, cropping, straightening, de-keystoning, brightness&contrast adjustment, and sending it off to where ever you want it.

Much easier then Office Lens, which I also use.

The Shark Tank presentation totally omitted what the app adds to it. That is what I think is the revolutionary part.

That said, it won’t mesh with everyone’s own style. So don’t feel too bad.

I got one of the two packs a while ago. They’re neat, but I don’t find myself writing in them as much as I would have expected.

The pens are pretty decent gel pens, and they have a rubberized section on the back of the pen that’s supposed to be used as an eraser. Typically erasable ink isn’t great for long-term applications, but if you’re just using them for this notebook, you SHOULDN’T be planning on it being long-term anyway.

My biggest complaint is that the ink doesn’t absorb into the paper, for obvious reasons, but the pens are basically gel pens. So you get some real smearing if you don’t let it dry for a while. I’m not left handed, but I tend to write very cramped with almost no margins from one line to the next, so the side of my hand and knuckles will sometimes rub the line above what I’m currently writing on and cause it to smear.

I have 2 of these already. A big one and a small one. I got one through their kickstarter campaign and the other through amazon. I’ve found that I don’t use a regular notebook anymore and use these for all of my hand writing needs. Just don’t leave the ink on too long as ppl have reported ghosting when wiping them clean.

Does the app or anything OCR it to digital text?

Well, if you just hand wrote all that and uploaded it to Woot, then, yes, I am impressed!