2pk Rocketbook Smart Notebooks & 3 Pens

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2pk Rocketbook Smart Notebooks & 3 Pens
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Ponder the Paradox:

Pages are “infinitely reusable,” yet warranty is 30 days.

And if I spill my coffee… ?

I noticed that. Had me wondering what the heck. I am pretty sure my moleskin lasts at least 3-6 months depending upon how much I write in it.

Also, my Galaxy note comes with a year warranty. Sooooo

What I found out after I purchased one of these is the ridiculous amount of access it wants to your account. I was connecting mine to my Microsoft account and it wanted to access everything within my account, including emails and ability to change account information. Their support was unresponsive when I asked about the permissions. They eventually sent me a marketing email so I responded to that and only then did I get a poor, canned response. I can still use it for emailing myself the notes. I typically just use it and wipe the pages once I have manually copied them over to Onenote.


Or, instead of paying for the notebook, Rocketbook offers these 2 PDFs as “replacement pages” since they don’t sell them.
Considering that the app is free… it looks like you can just skip paying money for any of it :wink:

I have one of these that I purchased off of Amazon some time ago. I use it on a regular basis and like it. I use both the FriXion gel pens as well as FriXion markers. Both work well, although the gel pens are just “meh” compared to other gel pens on the market. But I’m kind of a snob when it comes to the pens I use.

The pages are coated in a slick material that allows the ink to bond to them, yet also allows them to be wiped off with a damp cloth. Alternatively, there’s an eraser you can buy. Personally, I find the eraser more useful for making corrections and the cloth easier to wipe the entire page. The pages themselves are in fact pretty sturdy and don’t rip as easily as regular paper. I’ve been using mine for several months and never had a page rip or wear out.

The reason the app wants so much access is because it has so many features. For example, along the bottom are four or five icons that you can use like check boxes to perform immediate actions, like upload to a cloud app like Evernote or Slack or to email to a predetermined contact. It saves time when using the app.

All in all, it’s a pretty decent system, just a bit pricey. For those who find drawing or writing on paper instead of a tablet (like me, I’m an engineer), this isn’t a bad option.

P.S. If you want more downloadable one-use page options, there are some here. You can give the app a try with these. Dropbox - Rocketbook Free PDF Sheets - Simplify your life

It’s gadgets like this - and the people who think they’re a great idea - that make me feel better about the fact that I will be dead in about 30 years.

As for “erasing” using the eraser, using friction and heat only causes the ink to become clear. Throw the notebook into a freezer and you’ll have a mess on your hands. It’s great for small changes like you said, but don’t just friction erase entire pages, use water.

I love my notebook, use it daily, for about a year now, no failures, no ripped pages.

I use this on a daily basis also, and just email PDFs to myself to later categorize. It sure beats trying to look up a meeting that took place in “June 2016” in a stack of regular notebooks that just take up storage space.

Come on Woot, your better than this. you can purchase directly from Amazon for $34/$32. This is why I don’t check everyday … anymore …

Update: Don’t drink and post. :~ Woot rocks! Woot offer is for two, Amazon’s offer is for one.

[MOD: hahahahaha]

I think that’s just for one book…this deal is for two.

Oh, tell me about it!

I’m never giving up my horse & carriage!

I own these and have used them for over 6 months. The app that captures and processes the scans works very reliably.

I no longer use them for the following reasons:

  1. The cover curls with age which makes it difficult for use by left-handers.

  2. Thorough cleaning of the pages doesn’t bring the page back to its pristine condition. There is an ever-so-thin film that remains.

It’s a great idea but needs a bit more refinement. If someone is curious about how something like this may work in their workflows, I’d recommend giving it a try.

Reading the description and comments in this thread, it gave me an idea… I wonder of the RocketBook app would work when scanning the screen of an iPad running GoodNotes that is using those PDF templates. THAT could be pretty slick… and something I need to experiment with.