2pk Rocketbook Smart Notebooks & 3 Pens

Is there an option to get one of each size?

Choose one and put it in your cart. Choose the next size and add it to your cart.

If you’re asking if you can break a set, sorry.

Yeah, I should have been clearer. I was hoping to get a single book of each size. “break a set”

I have both sizes. If it helps, the Excutive fits into bags better and more convient to carry. But if you want to use an app like “pen to print” to convert your handwriting to text, then you will need to leave space between lines. That will be easier with the letter size.

Also be aware that you need to erase these about once a month. If you leave the ink on beyond a month, it might not erase completely. Fortunately the Rocketbook app makes digital backup easy and quick. Also by not erase completely, I mean in strong light you will see some residue—not that the words remain—at least that was my experience with the notebook I misplaced and couldn’t find for a month. That notebook still works fine in normal light. I mainly notice the residue when I am erasing it.

So I guess this is a long-winded way of saying, don’t misplace your rocketbook if there is writing on the pages. :slight_smile:

BTW, this is a great deal, the Executive size bundled the same way is priced at $75 as the back to school bundle. Individually they cost $34 each on the Rocketbook website.

I highly recommend these to anyone who writes a lot. In the long run they save paper and make sit easy to have a digital backup. Just don’t forget to erase them. :slight_smile:

A good choice for handwriting your nanowrimo novel.

–Is it possible to use isopropyl alcohol to remove the rest of the residue, without losing any functionality?

I have 2 of the smaller notebooks and 1 of the larger. I find the smaller much more useful.

The pens are easy to find and buy.

Also, the app has links to download PDFs of blank “pages” you can use outside of the book. I’ve made a number of “templates” for a few forms using that PDF for tracking software changes and process tracking. The app makes it way easy to archive and track.

The larger size is already sold out.

That looks way cool. If they added the node dots to the notebook this would be the ultimate notebook to go with a Moleskine Pen +. Man…

Not sure these can be called smart, my high schooler used these last semester and he still failed. He tried everything; left the notebook in every class, even when he wasn’t at school and nothing. These so called smart notebooks didn’t take notes and couldn’t answer any questions.
Maybe the batteries died or he didn’t turn the notebooks on? So buyer beware, they’re not all that smart.