2pk Ultimate Blanket with Sleeves-3 Colors

**Item: **2pk Ultimate Blanket with Sleeves-3 Colors
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Oh man, my current slanket doesn’t have that sweet pocket!

These look a lot more comfortable than a snuggie, with the added benefit of a pocket. This should have came with a real actual field test video.

Is this closed in the back?

[MOD: No closure. It’s a blanket… with sleeves… and a pocket.]

I actually do like these but do they shed? I would hate to have to clean my couch every time I use this.

Wow. These things make my Snuggie look sort of sad.

Of course, my Snuggie has a leopard print pattern, and these are only available in solid colors, so at least that’s something.

I hate to admit it, but I’m actually thinking of ordering a set, despite the limited color selection.

I’m thinking…the only two things that could’ve made this better:

  • thumb holes in the sleeves
  • giant hood (ya know, so your dome doesn’t get cold) but that wouldn’t work, as these are open in the back. Meh.


You too can look like a monk.

Y’know it takes a certain amount of genius (or reliance on the lack thereof in your customers) to be able to look at a backwards robe and think “Hey I can make money off of that!”

For all of the people worried about these being open in the back -

They’re selling them in twin-packs! Wear one backwards and BAM - your butt is covered, and you have a back pocket to hold your ice or heat pack.

Exactly. I guess those monasteries were cold.

Wish you had these in children’s sizes

Ya, I got a snuggie and to my surprise it only covers the front. Pretty much a wasted purchase, not to mention the flimsy blanket.

Also what sizes will these fit…

I’m in my Forever Lazy as I read this!!!

I am jealous of the plushness . . .

Hmmmm . . .

Wow, do you guys really NOT get how it works? If it were not open in the back, it would just be a giant full-length sweatshirt that you had to PULL on.

These are much heavier (and warmer) than regular snuggies/slankets, plus they have the pocket for your feet. The general idea is that you put this on, then sit or lie down and tuck the sides in around you. They really work quite well. And this one is 60" x 80"

Now if you plan on walking around in it, this is NOT what you want. Instead, you want THIS

Good… Now we can either do a more authentic Polyphonic Spree or stay warm while we perform our cultist rituals.

These look like Slankets- I have one and it is much warmer than a Snuggie and holds up in the wash really well.

I’m somewhat tempted by these, but I’m afraid they’ll be prone to static, as fleece-ish things often are. Does anyone know how much static these produce?

Brilliant! So it really isn’t a 2-Pack, but rather a 2-PIECE blanket. Like an Otterbox for your body! It just needs a Kevlar High-impact 3rd layer. Hey, maybe I should start a Kickstarter!