2x3 Entry Rugs

I don’t know about you but I would NOT want someone wiping their muddy shoes on my interior rug made of unless it was washable. The ones I looked at are wool and do not boast wash-ability.

That was my 1st thought, too.

Another spelling mistake today.

Only one? I’ll tell them to work on improving that.

Again, the rugs’ info here do not provide any dimensions on their thickness. Why doesn’t woot have the sellers provide this info? It’s been a deal killer for me because I hate to keep asking for this info all the time. (This time I’m inquiring about the Surya JCP914-234 Bailey Machine Made.)

The dimensions are in the heading. ( 2x3 rugs)

Pretty sure these are Entry Rugs.

“Entree rugs” would be a placemats.

It is .31 inches.

Thanks, TT !