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Feel free to comment about the sizing and comfort, if you’re familiar with the brand!

I ordered the women’s shorts, and since since my measurements are between two sizes, I sized up. I’ll let you all know later how that worked out.

Why would someone buy these over UnderArmour, which is actually cheaper (e.g., $20 for sleeveless compression top)?

I already own some gear from 2xu. It’s a much higher quality product than under armor. I have some of their compression tights and a long sleeve shirt. For those you typically size down if you’re on the border, but they have very comprehensive size charts for that. Their tri stuff follows general sizing. I wouldn’t recommend sizing up though (YMMV). I already own a tri suit from them and you should order your true size. I ordered the comp short to complement a new singlet I recently purchased. Don’t expect to find tri products on their website currently, for some reason (probably upcoming 2013 releases), they cleared out all tri gear and wetsuits.

Would you recommend sizing down for both the compression and the tri gear? I am right on the line between small and medium…

Not to totally bash on underarmour, but I use alot of compression gear and underarmour is the least comfortable and least durable most of the time.

So, as a fat guy (5’6" 210lbs as of this morning, down from 245lb on Oct 1st) who just recently got in to running (5k max as of right now)would the regular shorts be worth picking up? I currently use a pair of basketball shorts and a tech top, but what would be the benefit of a pair of compression shorts?

Oh dear. I may have made an expensive mistake. (Can’t exchange this stuff due to sizing, can we?) I’m also right between a small & medium. Was afraid the smalls wouldn’t fit over my moo hips and the waist is more in the medium range. We’ll see. Thanks for the input.

As long as the waist is close you should be okay with the drawstring. Reminds me of when I got a jammer (like the shorts but just for swim team) one size too big. The nice thing about stretchy clothes is that you don’t need to worry about going down if you’re between sizes. It’ll fit.

Also, surprisingly, I’m right between a S and M for the shorts based on their charts. Looks like a small it is. I guess buying cycling gear has skewed my idea of what (American) size I am in spandex.

You can always try and email woot support, they may be able to help you. I know the FAQ hints that there isn’t a lot they can do, but when i’ve had issues they’ve been nothing but top notch.

Exactly what Ubie said; if you have any questions regarding your order, please feel free to email Woot Member Services at support@woot.com and they’ll be glad to assist you with concerns you might have regarding your purchase.

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Thanks everybody! I emailed Woot Support. I’m hoping that since the package hasn’t shipped yet, and it’s not sold out, that I can change my order to a small. If the small does end up being too small, I’ll take Woot’s advice and tack it to my refrigertor for incentive to lost the 10 lbs that I’ve recently gained. :slight_smile:

Does anybody have anything to say about the chammy in these? Would these double as bike shorts, or should someone buy bike specific shorts for more padding?

Just curious.

Personally, I don’t like having as much padding as bike shorts give me, so maybe some tri shorts are just what I need. Hmmmm.

Yeah could cycle in them, but not for long distances. The chamois is significantly thinner than my cycling bibs. Its comfortable enough for typical tri distances, but tri shorts are designed with swimming and running in mind too hence the thinness.

Sorry no help to you on an answer Ubie. Just wanted to say congrats on the weight loss!

I cannot answer your question because I am a firm believer in following the Big Scary Rule. (I only run when something big and scary is chasing me).

If you buy the $45 tri shorts then they are made for longer bicycling distances. People buy these to do half and full distance Ironman triathlons which are 56 and 112 miles respectively.

I love my 2XU shorts that I have, they fit really well and don’t taper into the waist too much like most women’s clothes.

I apologize, most of the tris in my area are sprints so I accidentally left out the longer distance guys. Anyways, I got the Comp Short in a size small. I’m 5’5" and about 115LBS. It doesn’t fit too well. Lots of excess fabric. I hope they have some better stuff coming out for 2013 and I’ve send them a message on facebook asking if their tri suits are going to be in XS at any point in the future.