2XU Compression Clothes

Are the compression socks sold singly, or in pairs?

Anybody know if the compression recovery sleeves and running sleeves are the same thing? I think the recovery sleeves look a little snazzier, but intend to use them for running. The descriptions are pretty similar and both say they have use for recovery and athletic use.


Both are pretty much the same, you have to look into the stats of the socks/sleeves to find the compression level to determine if they’re right for you, regardless of the intending name.
This site has some good info about compression, but in a medical context, not a ‘for running’ context: http://compressionsocks.pro/learn/about-compression

I could use some help/guidance. I’ve never used anything like this but think they may help.

First, do you get one or two calf sleeves for $19.99?

Second, the “recovery” have 20% elastane, the “running” 28%. For those familiar with these, is 8% difference in elastane big, small or insignificant?

Third, there appears to be a difference in their construction, again for those familiar, would you recommend one over the other for helping someone with nerve and circulation issues?

Fourth, the meatiest part of my calf measures 13½" which, according to the sizing chart, is an XS. Is the sizing for these accurate?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help with any or all my questions.