2XU Recovery and Race Socks

I just ordereed these a few weeks ago and my two pair arrived just in time for a satellite Army 10-miler. I ran it on Monday night, wearing these socks while running then showered and put on a clean pair for recovery. The next morning my calves were great the only thing sore where my joints. I’ve also ‘ran’ two half-marathons in the last month and wish I had these socks after running those. At this price I’ll be getting a few more pair.

I frequently have flights that are 12+ hours and these socks are a life saver for my poor legs. My leg swell so much when flying I look like a peg legged pirate when I take my boots off.

FYI, women can wear the mens socks. You need to a) match the calf measurement, and b) translate your shoe size to mens. Vice versa for the men, too.

I’m a little irritated that they’re back so soon. I just got my pair delivered today I ordered during last week’s deal- now they’re $2 cheaper.

That being said, they’re fairly comfy just sitting around in. And I am a lady wearing a men’s pair, so I can attest to the cross-gender wearability.

What is the difference between the Recovery and Race Compression socks? And how does that difference actually impact muscles, stability, recovery, etc…

are these better than panty hose? We use to wear them before they invented these contraption. Plus, with panty hose, there won’t be people giving you wedgees for dressing like a dork.

The Race sock material breakdown is: 85% Polyester & 15% Lycra Sport

The Recovery sock material breakdown is: 80% Nylon & 20% Lycra Sport

Both socks differ in their knitting patterns. The Race sock allows for more active use, with a tighter, yet balanced knit in the areas of heaviest movement. The Recovery sock pattern helps the blood circulation with it’s gradual change from toe to calf.

So I just got my pair - both socks are marked “L”, I assume that’s size large and not “I got two left socks”? They don’t seem to be R/L specific, just double-checking…

The Recovery Sock is marked with the size.

The Race Sock is marked with the size and right/left.