2XU Recovery Compression Socks, Men's / Women's

**Item: **2XU Recovery Compression Socks, Men’s / Women’s
Price: $19.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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Some additional info and fit details can be found over at 2xu.com

Here are a few good reviews

Here are quite a few great reviews on the Mens

These might help me get chicks

Is it possible to get both men’s and women’s in the same order?

Yep, just add one to the shopping cart, and then go back and add the other. You’re still limited to three per customer though.

Does anyone know how well these fit people with larger calves? Most normal knee-highs fit me like compression socks, and most compression socks are uncomfortably tight.

The 2xu gave me an definitive edge in a recent soap-in-the-sock beating. Unlike tube or business socks, the elastic give in the compression sock material acted like a slingshot.

I work out a lot, so I have rather large calves (18.5") but by shoe size is only a 10. Is there some happy medium here, or am I SOL? I have Factor V Leiden, so I’ve had my share of blood clots and I need to find some new compression socks for traveling. The price on these seems right. Any ideas on sizing for me?

Especially when worn with sandals.

Color? Black or Navy? Or am I just missing that in the description?

I like 2XU, but just about the same deal going on at Running warehouse on a lot more brands. Use “BASED” to get 15% off and they have free shipping. I ordered 4 pairs of asics and nike compression socks for $86 shipped (2-day).

What is the level of compression offered by these socks? The product description at the manufacturer’s website doesn’t really say. For those of us with lower-leg circulation issues who need to wear compression socks/stockings every day, the level of compression is pretty crucial information. (F.ex., the Futuro compression knee-high stockings I’m wearing right now are “Mild (8-15 mm/Hg) compression” - so how does that compare to these 2XU Compression Recovery Socks?)

I want to know this too. I wear Jobst knee highs 15-20mm compression.

Does anyone know what compression value these socks have?

Runner’s World says you should buy some. Also, Science!

Nothing written about compression levels or what illnesses they treat so these aren’t medical socks. They might work great for sore legs but if you have a diagnosed medical problem, get some professional socks. Amazon sells good socks, look in the $60 range.

If your legs swell up and look like tree stumpespeciallyly if you have open wounds that don’t heal, go to a vain doctor. Earlier you start, the less compression you’ll need later.

Per 2XU they do not publish mmhg ratings, as they can be misleading and inaccurate. These are ‘moderate compression’ - designed for all day wear, travel and recovery. They are also medically graduated meaning the pressure is greater at the ankle and less at the top of the calf.