2XU Recovery Compression Socks, Men's / Women's

Personally, I prefer humble doctors.
They don’t put so much pressure on you, you know?

Hmm, I wonder if theses would help prevent “shin splints”… Anyone have any experience with this style of sock and/or knowledge of its success in preventing shin splints???

I don’t know if they would prevent shin splints but in general, if you are a runner, these are nice to have for recovery. They do make a difference.

These socks are made for athletics, they aren’t really made for those looking for medical issues to be resolved.

I prefer the Zensah sleeves. That way I can keep my socks and my compression independent. This price is pretty nice though, and 2XU is well respected in triathlete circles. I may have to jump on this.

The sizing is an issue. If they are too tight, it will be hard to run in them and may cause pain similar to shin splints. I had that issue with my Zensahs with the smaller size. But even then, they would be nice for recovery-only.

You are corrected .Those are important info. However these are recovery socks ,it probably at the lowest number on the compression chart.

Check this line out .


Personally, my shin splints were caused by heel striking. Once I stopped heel striking, the shin splints went away-like magic! I don’t wear these so I can’t comment on whether or not they would help. Sorry.

When I run, my right ankle/foot tends to go to sleep/get tingly. Might these help?

I don’t think so. That would seem like you are hitting or compressing a nerve somewhere. I’d try different shoes.

Picked up a pair of the XL Men’s, and their sizing info seems to be a bit off. I am at the upper end of their chart (19" calves and size 14 shoes), but there is absolutely no way I will ever get these on. I could not get them past my ankle. Just a note for people towards the larger end of their size spectrum if they are offered again.

Had my friend try them on and they were super tight on her. Or actually a pretty good fit. She has 12" calves and wears a size 6 shoe… Not sure if they stuffed the wrong socks in the box - the socks are stamped “XL” and the box I received notes they are Men’s XL. I almost wonder if there was a mix up in production and are actually the XS size. Oh well she’ll get good use out of them and I’ll pick up a pair locally that I can view first :slight_smile: