3.1CH Soundbar Audio Mount

These are a steal at $89. I originally paid something like $400 for my first unit and it wasn’t this latest top of the line unit being sold on here. If I already didn’t own many I’d be all over this deal!

Also if anyone has any questions related to this I can probably help. I’m somewhat of an expert :wink:

I was wondering if there would be any chance this could fit a 39" tv

Absolutely, the only question is will your tv “look” a little small for the mount? What I mean by that is will the back of the mount footprint be larger than the frame of the tv you’re mounting? So it will work with your tv. Also I think anything in the neighborhood of 40-90" tv’s are ideal for this mount. So a 39" TV should “look” just fine on this mount.

I hope this is understandable and helps.

Does the Ethereal or Audio Solutions shelves work with this model TVAMSBAR3-1?


On other sites, it says:
The Audio Solutions AS-AMSHELF-G glass accessory shelf mounts directly to the Audio Solutions TVAM2.1, TVAM2.1A or TVAM3.1A Audio Mount.

Close ups of the box says it works with any TVAM mount… but I’m wondering if this model came out afterwards and is not compatible.

Any experience with the soundbar / shelf combo?

Yes the metal or glass shelf will work with this unit. The shelf will hang below the soundbar/speaker.

Thanks! I’m still concerned though since the soundbar looks wider than the mount and where the shelf will attach on the mount. Do the shelf brackets drop down behind the soundbar then?

Yes the shelf brackets/bars run down each side of the mount BEHIND the speaker.

How is the sound quality? Any comparisons?

I have mostly Sonos now which there’s no comparison. The Sonos is way better and way more expensive of course. Not to mention a lot different. I would compare the sound of this unit to a sounbar/sub set that would sell for roughly $500 or so. Keep in mind everything is built into one clean looking heavy duty wall mount on this one. And for $89 it’s a steal. Hope this helps.

Thanks Wubintheya, with your help I took the plunge and bought two. I’ll see how it goes and it might be more next time if the deal comes back.

Can you please tell me if this unit will fit/mount the sony kdl50w800c without blocking all the connectors located at the back?

I couldn’t find any pictures of the back of this TV on Amazon and ran out of time to look any further. I would imagine it wouldn’t be any problem. I had these all over my house with about 5 different TV’s and had no issues with anything blocking connections or wires etc.