3.1CH Soundbar Audio Mount

Absolutely the worst system ever designed for T.V. audio. Bought one mounted on the wall and immediately took it back down. WOOT doesn’t give refunds on junk so don’t risk buying it. Great idea but the product does not perform.

I’ve had 4 of these units in the past but went over to a bunch of Sonos in different rooms. I had no problem with mine and loved them. Although the Sonos is much better but of course at about $1500 per room set up and with no TV mount. What did you not like about yours? I didn’t purchase mine on here but originally paid over $300 for my first one. This is a great deal.

This doesn’t list or show the two side speakers that are included in this set everywhere and in youtube video from company
wondering what’s up with that??
can’t figure out if that’s an older model or not

Two Side Speakers 22-Inch long 2.75-Inch wide plus Dedicated Center Channel Speaker 22-Inch long 2.75-Inch wide

Yes correct the model you’re referring to was an older model. This is the newer model that has the left/front/center channel built into the one soundbar along the bottom. And it has the subwoofer built into the back of the unit/enclosure. Same power & sound but this one has a cleaner look and can handle TV’s all the way up to 90".

I bought this on Sunday, received it Tuesday morning and had it up and running that afternoon! I’m very satisfied with it as a great above-fireplace mount with solid sound. Loud high frequencies with very little bass so I have treble at zero and bass turned 80% of the way up and it sounds good! Very satisfied for $100 shipped!

Opened, installed, never worked. No response from Woot. Company that imports is out of business. Shopping for another one now and not looking on Woot.