<3<3 Kitchen Carts <3<3

3" and 6" antifatigue mats? For doll houses? :slight_smile:

Maybe tippy toes? I’ll send it off for fixing.

Mine arrived with no assembly instructions.

I’m not sure which item you’re talking about, but if you email CS, they can probably point you in the right direction. Sorry for the trouble! support@woot.com

The item in question is the Sonoma Kitchen cart.

I contacted CS like you suggested. They promptly replied that they would look into it. Then nothing.

The cart was needed for Thanksgiving so my father and I spent a bunch of hours putting the cart together with no instructions. Ended up with leftover pieces and some damage to the cart.

First problem with a Woot purchase and I am not impressed with your customer service. Very reluctant to purchase from you again, or recommend you to others.

Sorry to hear that you were unable to find a resolve to the issue you were experiencing.

I’ll go ahead and forward your post/information along to Woot Staff to help investigate the issue.