3/8" 6 Amp Electric Drill

I got one of these recently from Lowe’s. I needed it for woodworking projects, I was tired of drilling 10 holes and having the torque be decimated by the last few holes.

For my uses, it’s great. There’s a ton of torque, and being wired it doesn’t slowly decrease as you lose it, which has always bothered me about cordless. It’s very high speed. The adjustable speed is not super useful for me, since the bottom end trails off so rapidly. For driving screws I still use the cordless.

It’s got a spot for a handle and really has no problem with being pushed into material. I used it to easily drill several holes in the angle iron to install my TS fence. It’s got a keyless chuck which as usual for keyless chucks won’t hold down super tight but will probably do the job most of the time.

Overall very happy with it. Doesn’t replace my cordless but definitely gives me something my cordless didn’t have before. I just drilled 20 pocket screws into 4/4 solid oak last night in about 2 seconds apiece