3/8" 6 Amp Electric Drill

Warranty provisions???

Yes. Under the features -
Warranty: 1 Year Hitachi

I bought this same Hitachi electric drill from an earlier Woot offer in late February of this year… when it was selling for $27.99 each.

Poor reviews over at Lowes where they sell them for $40 new. I’d check out the reviews before purchasing. Sounds like a poor chuck design, as well as poor customer service and warranty.

I bought mine new from lowe’s and I’ve had great experiences with it. Maybe it’s a difference in expectations – I buy a $40 drill and expect $40 worth of drill. The chuck isn’t bulletproof (no keyless chuck ever is) but it’s never slipped a bit while I was using it. I used the drill to drill 200+ pocket holes into plywood and various hardwoods, I’ve used it to drill holes in metal (not ideal for this since the speed slope falls off really quickly as soon as you start dialing down, but definitely better than my B&D turd), I use it all the time when drilling 3" pilot holes into 2x lumber for basic shop furniture construction, etc. It can be very high speed which is really nice for drilling holes in wood, has plenty of torque, and it’s corded so you never have a decreasing power issue as the battery drains. Overall I’m very happy with the purchase even at $40.